Happy Sixth (WHAT) Birthday, A Barefoot Gal! (ft. Favorite Posts, Fond Memories, and a Rather Yellow Giveaway)

Awesome giveaway! You should check it out. It ends March 10th! Don’t wait. 🙂

A Barefoot Gal

It’s so satisfying, somehow, to make lengthy titles.

Anyway hi! How are you today?

Get ready, because today’s post is a very exciting one! 🙂 My blog is SIX years old as of Thursday, the 20th! My goodness that seems old.

But it also does seem like I’ve been blogging for a while (it’s getting closeish to half of my life!), and it has been so much fun! Just some quick stats for those of you who enjoy them… This is kind of an odd tradition, now that I think about it, but who am I to break it? XD

Followers: 1,722

Posts: 590. (Good night! Oof remember when I used to post every day? Yeah sorry about that. The quality was considerably lacking in several of those posts.)

Views: 124,000+

Visitors: 29,000+

Total words written: 211,437 (so basically if I compiled all my posts into a book it’d…

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My Weekly Challenges!

Well, hello! Today is Sunday, which means it’s time for Weekly Challenges. It’s been a busy week, and there is an even busier one coming. I’m getting my 30 hours in with my family for my actual driver’s license and I’m pretty good. The interstate is still very nerve racking, but I’m a lot better… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges!


Adventures in Spam Comments

I told y’all this would be a new series. And here I am for another installment for Adventures in Spam Comments. It took me a bit (the last one was in December) because I wanted to gather a lot together. Diamond, another wonderful blogger, actually gave me a couple suggestions. I’ll show you the ones she gave… Continue reading Adventures in Spam Comments


My Weekly Challenges!

It's the first Sunday of February, already. Considering it's the 2nd day of the month, I can't say "can you believe it?" So, I'll go ahead and go to the post. 😉 Results from Last Week: Start Valentine's Day sale.  ✅ I did! Everything in my shop is on sale! 1) Plan for Next Week,… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges!

Monthly Post

Month Goals+ Month Review!

One month down, eleven months to go. January was crazy busy. I had my second semester of school starting back the 13th, I had a friend come on the weekend of Martin Luther King Day, I had driving lessons, and other things like that. However, I'm into the groove of school now and I have… Continue reading Month Goals+ Month Review!


What Kind of Book is the Bible?

God's Word. We hear it all the time. It's not a complicated phrase. The Holy Book. Again, almost everyone has heard it. The Good Book. Ah, a classic. But, out of all the times we hear these phrases about God's Word (there it is again) we don't hear much about the kind of book the… Continue reading What Kind of Book is the Bible?


Christians In the Spotlight (And Christianity, too)

I don't feel like this topic is talked much about. I'm not exactly sure why, so I won't give you a direct answer. If I were to say something about it I would most likely say it had something to do with the fact it's controversial and it's also a touchy subject. We all want Christians to… Continue reading Christians In the Spotlight (And Christianity, too)

MissEverythingFinds, Weekly Challenges

My Weekly Challenges!

It is Sunday, once again. I'm entering my third week of being back in school. It is also almost February, can y'all believe it? January has flown by in my personal opinion. But, that's quite possibly just because I'm so busy. Also, I would like to say it is because of the hectic schedule I… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges!

A Step Up, Updates

5 Things You Can Change in 2020

Throughout 2019, I changed quite a bit. These changes were both good and for my detriment. Today I have five things you can change in 2020. January, in any year, is the month of change. It's the month of resolutions. However, most of these resolutions don't last in the other months. I want to change… Continue reading 5 Things You Can Change in 2020

Weekly Challenges

My Weekly Challenges!

Hello, there, friends. I am coming to you with my weekly challenges; which are being mentioned and affirmed on Monday instead of Sunday. For this, I give my deepest apologies. You may remember I said a certain friend was staying with us, and she is. Because of this, I've been talking, laughing, and having fun… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges!

Weekly Challenges

My Weekly Challenges!

Hey, everyone! It's late Sunday, but I'm back for Weekly Challenges. I was not able to do my weekly challenges post last week because I was sick and other complications. There will be no review of this week, unfortunately. Results usually go here, so...this is awkward. 😛 1) Start School & Get Used to the… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges!


2020: Here’s the Plan

Everyone knows it's 2020. Whether you celebrated by fireworks or just a simple meal with family as you looked over 2019, it happened. I'm back in the blogging world and I wanted to share the plan for 2020. Lots is going on this year, even in January. Big surprise, right? I was actually going over… Continue reading 2020: Here’s the Plan

Monthly Post

Month Goals + Month Review!

Hey, y'all. Usually, I do this the first of the month. And it's the eighth. (Yeek). I've been going through a lot physically and getting over the flu and an ear infection is tiring even though you literally can't do much at all. I was slightly frustrated a couple days ago when I realized I… Continue reading Month Goals + Month Review!


2019, It’s Over

It's been a crazy year. Beyond that, even. And I can't believe I'm looking at all the calenders, planners, and everything else that has dates and they say December 31st. It's evening, actually. The truth is, I'm leaving the year with a bang. I was sick with the flu for a week and then today… Continue reading 2019, It’s Over