The Importance of Knowing the Crowd You Are In.

I've noticed that sometimes teenagers say things that little children, (that are around), should not know, even if it is just getting in their subconscious, just don't say it, you know what I mean? You have to know the crowd you are in. You might be super sarcastic, but that person over there hates sarcasm,… Continue reading The Importance of Knowing the Crowd You Are In.


Some of the Best Movies Ever!

Yep, it's that time. I am giving you the best movies (in my opinion)!   Name: War Room Date Released: 2015 Plot: It's a drama and it's funny, plus it's Christian, (is there anything better?) The lead woman is a real estate agent and she is trying to sell this woman's house, this woman becomes… Continue reading Some of the Best Movies Ever!

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Being An Entrepreneur (Part 2)

Missed Part #1? Go check it out, it's pretty helpful to start the series off with.  Last time we answered some questions to start off, now I want to dig deeper into the attitude and mindset of an entrepreneur.  Number 1: They don't just give up. Number 2: They aren't just "unemployed". Everyone has hit… Continue reading Being An Entrepreneur (Part 2)

Rough Patches, Y'all Are The Best

When Rough Patches Don’t Seem Like Patches {I Need Your Input}

We have all had those days, weeks, or even months that just can't get worse-until they do. Maybe a family member is sick, maybe you hurt yourself and you can't dance for a while which is making you go stir crazy, maybe life is just hurting you in all ways, school, hobbies, friends, and family. … Continue reading When Rough Patches Don’t Seem Like Patches {I Need Your Input}

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Positivity Rules, Girls!!

Hey, I wanna get into this, so let's go. I think this is really important. It Changes Your Life. My Mother always says something is attractive or unattractive. For example, positivity is attractive and whether you know it or not, you probably do, but whether you know it or not you gravitate toward positive people.… Continue reading Positivity Rules, Girls!!

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{Discussion} Your Opinion Matters!

Heyo! 😛 **I made that poster and I love it so anytime I have a "Discussion" post it will go on there...and do you get the reference..."Collaborate and Listen?"** Your opinion matters! I wanted to start some discussions, and you can choose any of these topics, I love, love, love, love, love these topics and… Continue reading {Discussion} Your Opinion Matters!

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Just Wanted to Let You Girls Know…

Hey, just a quick thing: I had a lot of spam comments on my "Home" page but they are gone now, (I deleted them), and now there are comments such as: "Half of these are spam, weird..."  And they're not there, so those comments don't make sense, but spam comments were there, so sorry if that was… Continue reading Just Wanted to Let You Girls Know…