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5 Things You Can Change in 2020

Throughout 2019, I changed quite a bit. These changes were both good and for my detriment. Today I have five things you can change in 2020. January, in any year, is the month of change. It's the month of resolutions. However, most of these resolutions don't last in the other months. I want to change… Continue reading 5 Things You Can Change in 2020

Weekly Challenges

My Weekly Challenges!

Hello, there, friends. I am coming to you with my weekly challenges; which are being mentioned and affirmed on Monday instead of Sunday. For this, I give my deepest apologies. You may remember I said a certain friend was staying with us, and she is. Because of this, I've been talking, laughing, and having fun… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges!

Weekly Challenges

My Weekly Challenges!

Hey, everyone! It's late Sunday, but I'm back for Weekly Challenges. I was not able to do my weekly challenges post last week because I was sick and other complications. There will be no review of this week, unfortunately. Results usually go here, so...this is awkward. 😛 1) Start School & Get Used to the… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges!


2020: Here’s the Plan

Everyone knows it's 2020. Whether you celebrated by fireworks or just a simple meal with family as you looked over 2019, it happened. I'm back in the blogging world and I wanted to share the plan for 2020. Lots is going on this year, even in January. Big surprise, right? I was actually going over… Continue reading 2020: Here’s the Plan

Monthly Post

Month Goals + Month Review!

Hey, y'all. Usually, I do this the first of the month. And it's the eighth. (Yeek). I've been going through a lot physically and getting over the flu and an ear infection is tiring even though you literally can't do much at all. I was slightly frustrated a couple days ago when I realized I… Continue reading Month Goals + Month Review!


2019, It’s Over

It's been a crazy year. Beyond that, even. And I can't believe I'm looking at all the calenders, planners, and everything else that has dates and they say December 31st. It's evening, actually. The truth is, I'm leaving the year with a bang. I was sick with the flu for a week and then today… Continue reading 2019, It’s Over


My Weekly Challenges!

Hey, everyone! Today is Sunday, and you know what that means. It's been a pretty good week! How about y'all? 🙂 Results from Last Week: Make a sale because of the sale. ✅ I did! I actually made a sale very soon after that. 😌 1) Do Goals That Followers Have Me DoI don't really… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges!

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Why People Hate the Idea of Christianity

Elisha made a post about this, actually. I would like to put out a quick shout-out to Elisha and his blog, Africa Boy. Check out his post here. I read this and asked him if I could do something like it, he graciously said yes. (Thanks!) And now I'm putting my thoughts out there. Christianity… Continue reading Why People Hate the Idea of Christianity


Interviewing Maggie of Dreaming of Guatemala and The Expressive Life

Hey, everyone. I'm going to be interviewing Maggie today. She is an amazing blogger and I'm really excited about this! I also wanted to give her another quick-shout out. She gave me an idea for a YouTube video. I did it and you can check it out right here! Firstly, let's get to know Maggie.… Continue reading Interviewing Maggie of Dreaming of Guatemala and The Expressive Life

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My Weekly Challenges! + An Awesome Sale

Hey, everyone! I have two things in the quota for today. First, my weekly challenges since it is Sunday. And then my huge sale. Scroll down to find out about both! First, I did want to say something. I made five types of slime on Saturday. Four stretchy white, and one bouncy/stretchy light blue. It… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges! + An Awesome Sale


Interviewing Jo from Pananaw

Today is the day that I interview Jo. She is the blogger on Pananaw. She writes short stories as well. Check those out here. I also reviewed some of those short stories here. This was such a fun interview. I would like to say to Jo, it was awesome. Thanks for doing it with me!… Continue reading Interviewing Jo from Pananaw


Adventures in Spam Comments

Hello, everyone. I told you in my last post I would be starting a new series called Adventures in Spam Comments. This is my first edition. Some of these made me laugh very hard. I would like to give a quick shout out to Maggie. She had a post like this and I loved it. I am… Continue reading Adventures in Spam Comments

New Design

New Design on the Blog? (That’s a Yes)

Hey, y'all. I'm changing. Thus, my blog will be changing. As a blogger, it is definitely good to change things around and keep things interesting. I was kinda afraid to change it all up. Why? (You should know in all these changes, I will not be getting rid of my rhetorical questions). I don't want my blog… Continue reading New Design on the Blog? (That’s a Yes)

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My Weekly Challenges! + Updates

Hello! It has been a crazy week for me. I finished finals; which means my first semester of college is officially completed. Finals are why I have not been posting as much. Between studying for them and then taking them, I've been busy. Besides, my life is hectic as it is: in the best way… Continue reading My Weekly Challenges! + Updates

Mental Disorders

Christian + Depression = ?

Today we will be talking about Christians and depression. Depression is a prevalent topic in today's culture, and it's super important we understand what it is, how to "deal" with it, how to help others that have it, and what professionals say about it. While we will be touching on that, I want to focus… Continue reading Christian + Depression = ?