Masters of Improv + Madagascar JR. Rehearsals + Update on Family!

Hello! ❤ So, Masters of Improv first!! It is only one week, one hour each day from 3:30-4:30 as you know, well on Friday, (today), it is the regular time, but then at 5 "One Crazy Night" starts which all the members of MOI get to go too, plus other people that did not go… Continue reading Masters of Improv + Madagascar JR. Rehearsals + Update on Family!


RATC Week 3

Yay, another week to go!

Christina and Camera


Do you like my new hello gif? I was inspired by Clara ( to make one. I really like it, but it doesn’t really match the blog theme…

Time for RATC! Oh, and by the way, I totally messed up.

This challenge is hosted by:



Christina (you’re here)


Check out the post where I introduce this contest before you ask any questions- the answers might be there.

Week 3 Challenges:

Remember, there are 3 categories: Photography, Writing, and DIY. You don’t have to choose one category- you can do as many as you want.


Take a  photo of books (5)

Take a photo of an animal or pet you don’t own (your neighbors pet, a friends pet, an animal from the zoo…)  (10)

Take a photo of something you think is beautiful (15)


Write a journal entry (it doesn’t have to be about you) (5)

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Editors Club!, Series:), Sharing Blogs!

Editors Club! (Update & Thanks)!

  Hello, all! ❤ As you know I started an Editors Club! ❤ A good amount of people, I think, signed up! I would like to recognize them, here they are: Maggie Zella T Emmie Shekina Rhiana Christina Jo  Emmie   Thanks for joining, and check out the blog, girls, and guys, they are awesome!!!… Continue reading Editors Club! (Update & Thanks)!