Hello, everyone. Please contact me here for any questions, concerns, requests, or anything else like that.

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You’re welcome and thank you for your kind words. ❀ Exactly what kind of information? It depends, some are from conservations I have had, some from Google. Haha!


Attention to my wonderful followers:

My contact page is not working, I am trying to get it back into place. I just sent myself a contact thing to see if it works and it does not. 😦 It used to work and I am trying to get it back to date and stuff, sorry for the inconvience.

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Hey Ariana! Could I make a request for you to blog about? If so, could you do a detailed blog post about your family? If not, I completely understand! Thanks! Have a great day!

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I have another suggestion for a blog post. How about a blog post on your favorite hobbies, pastimes, etc.? Like followers and commentors can ask you questions and you could either make a YouTube video or a blog post answering them. Does that make sense? Thanks!

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Sounds great! Thanks for taking my suggestion! You could also add things you like to eat, read, and places you like to go! I also have a question…what part of Texas do you live? I visited Texas once and did a roadtrip! It was so beautiful! Thanks again!

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Oops…I thought that first one didn’t come through…could you please delete that for me? Sorry for the inconvenience!

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