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Hey, hola, hi, aloha! This is Ariana Evans talking, the author of this here blog. I’m Texan, and proud of it. But, that may be obvious. What Texan isn’t proud of where they’re from? I’m also proud to be a Christian. Those are the badges I wear proudly. 🙂

The truth is you have stumbled onto a crazy Christian blog. Keep scrolling to find out more about me.

IMG_0105I am Ariana Evans. I am fifteen-years-old. I don’t consider myself to be normal. However, since normal is the rate of occurrence, and most people are weird, I guess weird is normal; which makes normal weird. I’m pretty happy about that.

I’ve gone on many adventures, too. We went to Europe in 2016, which was the biggest trip of my life. Sometimes I like small adventures, too. Even the ones at home. Those are the ones from day to day that keep me realizing how lucky I am to be alive with the mother and sister I have.




My biggest supporter is my mother. We have a bunch of fun together. We’ve been through some tough things, but I guess that’s what made us so close. It’s funny. I hear a lot of people say that they don’t have good relationships with the woman that made their lives possible. I want to do my part to fix this issue. I don’t think people understand what mothers do for their children. Just because you don’t make a lot of money in an hour, doesn’t mean you don’t have one of the most meaningful, important, hardest jobs out there.

Thanks, Mom. Love ya. ❤

IMG_0736 (1).JPG

This picture is actually from a photoshoot that my mother, sister, and I did on Thanksgiving this year. The thing is, we coordinate without meaning to. Most of the time we go somewhere we either match or coordinate splendidly. It’s the little things that make me happy. 😛

If you were to ask me what my favorite color was, I wouldn’t know. I used to say pink. With my teenage years, (as usual), many things have changed. I love most colors. Along with that change, the colors I wear have changed. I like more dark brown that I used to. In fact, one of my favorite things to wear is a brown leather jacket my grandmother bought me for my birthday. (It’s the best).

58568336900__44D631D6-2A42-4826-B94E-353E87E61649Some Fun Facts About Moi: I love weird facial expressions, and I love making them myself. I love drawing on my chalkboard. I have one in my room and I draw on that more than paper. I love hand-lettering and have recently started doing it more and more. I am not a professional, but I do hope to sell it soon in my Etsy shop; which brings me to my next point. I am an entrepreneur. I have businesses. One on Etsy called MissEverythingFinds; which sells posts I make, jewelry, and t-shirts. I’m also a photographer, so I sell that, too! I design websites, blogs, and things like that. If you want to check that out, go here to Miss Design.


(This is me on my first plane ride by myself. I was nervous but having fun). I am an INFJ-T. I love people, but I do tend to be introverted in ways. I call myself a 70% 30%. If you know the colors of the personality, I am green and blue. My spirit animal is a tiger. Also, did I mention I’m bad at finding cool things about myself? That’s all I got. (This is taking me forever to write, to be honest. But here I am).

Let’s see. I don’t like clowns. I have no birthmarks. I always have a watch on my wrist. I’ve thought about every opportunity as far as a career, ever. Nurse. Doctor. (I upgraded). Teacher. Actress. Singer. (I can’t sing, so…) *dreams crushed* Director. Lawyer. Now I’ve settled on a counselor. I want to help adolescents that have been through traumatic things, have depression or GAD (general anxiety disorder), etc. I’m going to college now, (full-time dual credit student) at LeTourneau University. And I’m going to college for that.


Now, finally. The thing most people want to know when they come to this sort of page. I blog about controversial topics and spiritual topics. This includes discussion posts where I debate with y’all. In December 2019 (the day I’m writing this), I am starting a new series called Adventures in Spam Comments, too. I have Weekly Challenges I share with y’all and encourage you to have those goals as well. I am a (not-quite-yet) published author. So, if you want to hear about writing and books, you’re also in the right place. The gist of it is, I write about God, books, my business/YouTube, and in series.


Thank you so much for reading. If you want to know about other bloggers you can go to my Other Blogs page. If you want to talk to me about a prayer request, a tag you nominated me for, book recommendations, or just to talk, go to my Contact page. Don’t forget to check out MissEverythingFinds and my YouTube channel Ariana’s Archives. I started it up in November 2019 and it’s going well! Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you all soon.



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Cool about page! It is always nice when you get to know the blogger a little more. I know it is February 2020 and I’m late, sorry.😬🙄

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Hello, Saania! Sure, anything you need that I can help! ☺️ Do you want to get that from here in comments or do you need to contact me privately? I’ll await your answer. Have a good day! 🙃

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Wow, I am so sorry for your loss. Are you also being raised by them or are you eighteen or older? I’m, again, so sorry. There are no words to where I can express how sorry I am and I can’t say I can understand because I don’t, so I won’t give you the cliche. Feel free to talk to me anytime about it. I’ll be praying for your grief and recovery. I’m sure she would want you to be happy and have a good life, but never let anyone say it’s wrong to be sad sometimes and experience grief.

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No . I’m only ten . My brother is two. Yes, I am being raised by them. Thanks for the prayers. ( Hugs) . My dad died two years ago.😥

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Okay, I was just wondering. I’m so sorry! And of course, my prayers will always be with you. *hugs* That must have been hard as well. Maybe you can really see how you got over that mountain (not that you ever truly do) and have a health(ier) transition, at least as much as you can. I’m not the best at change sometimes so I know it’s easier than done. 🙃


Im not the best at change either. It took me a few months before I finally got over my dad’s death but I was close to my mom so I might take me a little while.

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I’m sorry to hear that. I think a lot of people our age are going through so many changes anyway that another one is sometimes overwhelming. YOU can do this! ❤ I'll be here for you. One thing I would say is talking to people (like me or family members), and journaling. I want you to find your way to destress and relieve some anxiety. I'm a music addict and that's how I do it. You can also look up some breathing exercises to calm that feeling. Remember to love your brother and show him some attention, that bonds is super important right now.


Thank you Ariana. I appreciate it . I love music. The thing that bothers is that my mom wanted nothing to do with God. I don’t know if she got saved before she passed away. I hope she did . She used to call me and my brother names and she didn’t treat us right. I’m not sure with her dying is a good thing or not. And thank you for the encouragement. Love you my friend. 💕

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Of course. You’re welcome! I’m glad you like music, I think it’s very therapeutic. If you feel yourself not feeling well, maybe listen to your favorite tunes.
Oh, wow. I’m sorry, I really am. That’s terrible. I had the same troubles with my dad to be perfectly honest, but my mom and him divorced. He was very mean. (Lots of details I can’t share, but I kind of feel you there and I’m sorry about that). Love you, too.


Thankfully my grandparents are Christians so I’m now raised in a Christian home . My grandpa is a pastor. My grandma also plays piano so I’ve enjoyed listening to her play and it’s been a comfort to me

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Hello Ariana! I love your about page, I feel like we have so many similarities! I think my favorite part was about weird being normal! Loving it! 😂 Looking forward to reading your posts!

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