My Weekly Challenges!

Well, hello! Today is Sunday, which means it’s time for Weekly Challenges. It’s been a busy week, and there is an even busier one coming. I’m getting my 30 hours in with my family for my actual driver’s license and I’m pretty good. The interstate is still very nerve racking, but I’m a lot better under pressure than I thought I would be.

Results from Last Week:
Plan for Next Week, Work Ahead. ✅ Really Work to have Emotional Integrity. ✅ I’ve been working on these a bit this week. Especially the working ahead. 😂

My Challenges

1) Post Three Times 2) Start Redecorating

I’m hoping to post a bit more this week. I do have a lot of work, and I mean huge projects, due this week. 🤪 And I mean to redecorate a bit of my room. I’m reimagining just about everything. Hopefully I can start that this week!

Thanks for reading!



By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

19 replies on “My Weekly Challenges!”

Do you expect 662 followers are an excuse to lazy off on posts? Your followers came here for original content from when they first came. The only posts I see are short and a waste of time. Try new content please.

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I put a lot into my posts. I accept criticism, but this doesn’t seem to actually be nice or constructive. The weekly challenges posts are supposed to be short. If you go in the past, you can see variety and length. Do not judge me based on my challenges, please. And to be fair, your blog says blog posts can be short. I do not disregard to opinion, but I’m not sure why it was stated or the motive behind it.

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I don’t know how anyone could be mean. Ariana’s posts are good and she does a great job with her weekly challenges . That comment didn’t sound nice to me at all.

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I agree it has amazing potential, but there is more to blogging than just yourself. Open the possibilities and go out of your comfort zone.

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Hey, Becky. I’m not just talking about myself when I blog, in text, I don’t much at all—besides weekly challenges. Most of my posts are on bettering yourself and the Bible and life in general. I have no comfort zone in blogging.

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