Christians In the Spotlight (And Christianity, too)

I don’t feel like this topic is talked much about. I’m not exactly sure why, so I won’t give you a direct answer. If I were to say something about it I would most likely say it had something to do with the fact it’s controversial and it’s also a touchy subject. We all want Christians to be in the spotlight because, as Christians, it is our job to share the Gospel and get it out there. How will that happen if we have no representations? But, then again, there are a lot of problems that come with the idea of Christians being watched.

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I believe it’s always going to be spiritually dangerous for a Christian to be famous. The devil does not want the Gospel to be shared or Christians to be represented well. He does not want someone to think there may be something to this. 

There are several components to this. Maybe instead of Christians in the Spotlight, it’s also Christianity itself in the spotlight.

Making God out to be Generic

I actually wrote something about this recently on this for my Biblical Theology for Life class. Here it is:

God is not a generic God. Theology is “talking about God” or the “study of God.” There is nothing generic about a whole study devoted to the Supreme Being of the Earth. 

The Lord does stand out from other Gods. For example, if an atheist were to say “What makes your God so special?” I would incorporate my knowledge of Greek mythology and the Bible to answer. God spoke a world into existence in Genesis 1. He did not use a trident, (like Poseidon does to make a storm), or like Hephaestus uses a blacksmiths hammer to make all the weapons and tools of the gods. He did not use a magic potion like witches in Halloween movies. He simply used His words. This is something that is a phenomenon in the spiritual world; which is logical considering the fact Greek, Roman, and Norse gods usually had a tool or weapon that they are known for. Even Thor had a hammer. 

Another thing that makes Him, (God), so special is that He truly cares. After He created the world, he provided food and water for it. He did not let His creation suffer until Adam and Eve decided to sin and it was let into the world by man. 

This is both why I love God and what makes Him special when considering all the gods of the world.

Really Pushing Christians in the Wrong Direction

Christians will always have temptations to do things that are not right.

Here Is An Example

There are several examples that come to my head when I think “Christians that are famous struggling with temptation.” A recent example is John Crist. He is a wonderful Chrisitan comedian and I’ve actually recommended him to y’all multiple times. One of the times I suggested his work was when I posted {Updated} Best YouTube Channels. 

Moving that to the side, John Crist got called out on a couple problems. He has some alcohol issues and things like that, they were brought to light. It surprised me. However, after my initial judgement, I found mercy. As a Christian that is being watched by atheists, Christians, comedic fans, and much more, there is a lot of pressure. Addictions aren’t something to be messed with and it’s a tough battle. We all have addictions, (maybe not something as serious as alcohol), however, I think this is a prime example of what addiction looks like in the public eye. There is also a huge chance that he can improve and put an end to this addiction.

Kanye West: A Possible Christian? + My Fear

Kanye West is a very popular rapper. He is also known for a lot of controversies. But, his latest “act” has been interesting. Kanye…a Christian? I didn’t believe it at first. But, I heard more and more about his renewal as a person. He has new songs, one that is quite good. I’ve only listened to that one, so all of his songs may be amazing. But, I have to speak about what I know personally. Worshipping on an airplane ride with James Corden…who does that? I don’t personally think it’s to stir up controversy and trouble. If so, he is really into character. He had an interview with Vogue and said he was converted and said “Christians are not Christ” (Revolt 2019). Odd  or wise? Both. For a rapper that is famous for controversy, he is speaking some wide-spread truth.

So, let’s say it’s all true; which I believe it is, but that doesn’t matter right now. If it is true, I think Christians should pray for him. He has had some issues in the past and he will be faced with all of those, all at once, and he doesn’t have that many people backing him up on this. Like I said, even strong, mature Christians struggle. He made the conversion while he was famous, which will only make it more hard. 

I have a couple examples. His fame and net worth may go down. For rich pe

The End

I hope you enjoyed this post. And if you agree or don’t agree, let me know in the comments. I would love to talk about it with you. I would like to note that if a Christian is in the “spotlight,” I don’t condone their actions. I just want people to find grace in their hearts. Because in their position, we’re not sure what we would turn to either. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you soon.



By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

26 replies on “Christians In the Spotlight (And Christianity, too)”

You did a really good job with this! One thing that I like to remember about temptation is that even Jesus was tempted. Like, literally every person to ever exist has been tempted.

Also, it is a little odd is Kanye West is really a Christian. I’m not super familiar with him or anything, but I wouldn’t exactly think he’d be a Christian.


Thanks, Diamond! Yes, everyone is tempted. I was pointing out that some people have different temptations, and we all have battles. I don’t want people to judge people.
Yeah, it is. He never claimed to be for the longest time. But he said he had a revelation and now he is. This is all super new.

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No, Mary, I never said that. It’s not wrong. We are supposed to be out in the world sometimes. This post was more of a “don’t judge, because you’re not in their shoes” and a “if you are in their place, be wary.” Because there will be different kinds of trials in the public eye.

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Bingo. All of this is so true because of the fact that the devil doesn’t want society to know about Christianity. That makes it super hard for Christians to be famous. This also means that in some cases, it’s a good thing for a Christian to be in the spotlight because we can fight back against the devil. It is tough, but if we have courage it can be done, and the whole thing about Kanye West is proving that.
Amazing job on the post Ari! 😀

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Exactly. I always get nervous when someone on a talent show says “I’m a Christian” because they are marked as that.
Also true. I don’t want Christians not there, I want people who are not in the spotlight to not judge them. Thanks!

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It’s bigger than just for atheists though – it’s a damaging witness to all and discouraging to other Christians. If by in the spotlight you mean famous Christians then it’s a very dangerous thing – but should s Christian even look for fame?

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I know it is, hence a big part of my post about Christians judging other Christians. Spotlight of any kind. If they know your name, that’s spotlight (even from writing a book and having a signing). We shouldn’t strive toward it, but is not a sin to be famous—it is the motive behind it.

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