What Kind of Book is the Bible?

God’s Word. We hear it all the time. It’s not a complicated phrase. The Holy Book. Again, almost everyone has heard it. The Good Book. Ah, a classic. But, out of all the times we hear these phrases about God’s Word (there it is again) we don’t hear much about the kind of book the Bible is. I’ve heard “love letter” and “a list of commands,” however, is that all we have to say about the book?

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Here’s the real question. What kind of book is the Bible, truly? If we know the answer to that question, it helps us read it in certain ways. Yet, I don’t believe it’s just one type of book. I believe it’s a little bit of all of it.

It is a Story

Every story has plot twists, characters, betrayal, faith lost, hope gained, etc. And this book, out of all the books, has it! The thing about the Bible is, it’s not just one book. It’s 66 smaller books that fit into the Bible. Crazy, right? Each with their own time, season, characters, and points about religion and the way of life. And many, many mistakes. We have one central character: God. And He is the only constant thing in there. People die, wars are lost, but God is always there. In this incredible story.

It is a Drama

No, not soap-opera dramatic. Saddening but empowering. You know when you’re around a table and you ask “Whatcha wanna watch?” I sure do. And then it goes to, “Comedy, action, or drama?” That’s the kind of drama I mean. There is betrayal, death, new life, and a whole lot of emotions. Especially in Psalms, in a lot of them David cries out to God. Jeremiah was even depressed. And then the hero, God, is in it all. He has many warriors along the way in this dramatic tale.

It is Non-Fiction

This may not be surprising. All Christians know this. But, here’s the thing. I feel like we still read it as it is fiction sometimes. We read right before bed as we are falling asleep (ahem) and we don’t truly understand what’s going on. It’s not like this is some random action-adventure movie where the gore isn’t real. People died. There were miracles. This isn’t something “just to read,” it’s a beautiful story.

It is an Adventure Book

In a way, it is an adventure. Think about it. War. Heroines and heroes. New lands won. Battleground lost. People love adventure books. So, why not love this one? It’s a really long one.

It is a Love Letter

Lots of people say this, right? Yep. But, in a way, it’s true. There is so much more to the Bible than grace. However, it is a fundamental part of the Bible that we should not forget. That grace means something. That love means something. We should enjoy and celebrate it!

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16 replies on “What Kind of Book is the Bible?”

I agree that we need to read the Bible more to actually study it and learn from it and not just to read it. Did you know that if the whole Bible in a year for five years straight you would read something a different way and get somethings else out of it? It’s really cool.

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I agree with you Ariana. I also believe that the Bible is God talking to us.Have you ever read through the whole Bible in a year? I haven’t.

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Hey, Kiara! Cool. I tried one time but failed. That was three years ago or so. I actually believe that you have the freedom to do that, but I don’t particularly like it because you tend to just read and not actually study anything. Whether that’s words, culture, or something like that.

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This was nice. I personally believe in certain other scriptures as well as the Bible, so often I’ll kind of overlook the Bible(because the Bible was translated so many times, and other scriptures weren’t) But there are some wonderful things in there! And, like you said, it’s still true.

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Yeah! It’s called the Book of Mormon and it’s really awesome.
Really? That’s pretty cool. I use the KJV, but there are some translations in the footnotes and stuff to make it more understandable.

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It’s really good to study religions because people have assumptions about certain religions(like Muslims are terrorists, or Latter-Day Saints are polygamists) and they just aren’t true. Like, growing up in my church, I find it hard to believe how people don’t think we’re Christians, because Christ is literally at the center of all we do.

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Yes, it is. I also believe it’s good to know what other people think, if you are ever a missionary or have the chance to convert someone through the power of God.
And yes. I studied Mormonism a bit and they had many, many truths, but honestly, there is also a lot I don’t agree with. It is still a type of Christian thing—personally. Because Christ is the center, like you said.

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