Cherish Uganda

Cherish is a faith-based nonprofit creates hope and a future for children living with HIV_AIDS through schools, a health center, and a family life program. In the year 2018 alone they helped 5,630 patients, served 19

I am joining my friend, Mercy Austin, to help adolescents in Uganda with HIV/AIDS. It’s an important issue that Christians and non-Christians alike avoid. It is time to help innocent children in Uganda. It’s time to take a stand for HIV positive children.

My personal mission is to help them. You can find out more at Cherish Uganda’s site here. Or you can go to my friend’s GoFundMe page for them here.

36.9 million people globally living with HIV or AIDS, and 1.8 million becoming infected with HIV every year (Nearly 5000 every day). 77.3 million people have been infected and 35.4 million dead since the start of the epidemic in 1983

1.3 million of these cases are in Uganda, and 50% of them do not receive treatment.

-World Health Organization, as of 2017-

These statistics are saddening and shouldn’t be allowed. Especially when HIV is a well-known disease. No child, teenager, or adult deserves this.

If you feel compelled to do so, please donate. Every dollar counts to help the youth in Uganda. A child’s meal costs just 30 cents. 




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