Miss Review


Hello. I review unpublished/published works.

This Includes:

Short Stories



The Plans Offered:

You can get a simple “one-time” review from me on this blog. It includes commentary, major pro’s and con’s, star ratings, etc. (If it is poetry it will be displayed on the post if it published I will give links where you can buy it). This costs two dollars. 

You can get 30 days of advertisement. This includes a shout-out on my sidebar for 30 days and a shout-out on my Pinterest; which stays there. It doesn’t go away after 30 days. This is only available for published works. It costs 5.99!

My latest plan is a full video review on my YouTube channel. This means you get a whole video to yourself for your book, basically. This is 6.99!

Combined Plans: if you want a one-time review on my blog, the 5.99 deal, and a YouTube channel instead of 15 dollars combined, it’s 10 dollars. 

If you want two/three you save money as well. We can negotiate, that’s a lot of pricing and stuff.

If You Can’t Pay:

If I give you a one-time review and you can’t pay, you can advertise my business on your blog for 30 days or more. I cannot do the second option without payment.

Thank you for reading. If you want me to review something contact me here and we can get started.




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