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My Weekly Challenges!

It is Sunday, once again. I’m entering my third week of being back in school. It is also almost February, can y’all believe it? January has flown by in my personal opinion. But, that’s quite possibly just because I’m so busy. Also, I would like to say it is because of the hectic schedule I […]

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My Weekly Challenges! + An Awesome Sale

Hey, everyone! I have two things in the quota for today. First, my weekly challenges since it is Sunday. And then my huge sale. Scroll down to find out about both! First, I did want to say something. I made five types of slime on Saturday. Four stretchy white, and one bouncy/stretchy light blue. It […]

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Wait…My Etsy Shop? + My Youtube Channel + A Business Deal for You + Q&A

Hey, there, y’all! It’s been an awesome couple of days. ❤ First of all, let me say this…lots has been going on behind the scenes. I wanted to make sure it was final before I actually said anything. About what? The thing is, I wasn’t able to let go of the Etsy idea. I started […]