Weekly Challenges

My Weekly Challenges!

Hey, everyone! It’s late Sunday, but I’m back for Weekly Challenges. I was not able to do my weekly challenges post last week because I was sick and other complications. There will be no review of this week, unfortunately.


Results usually go here, so…this is awkward. πŸ˜›

My Challenges

1) Start School & Get Used to the New Schedule

2) Continue Doing Well at Driving Lessons

My second semester of university starts tomorrow! I really want to get used to this new schedule early. If I can get used to a new schedule quickly, I will do much better. There were some complications with the permit paperwork so I don’t have it quite yet. However, I’m still in driving lessons and we’re working it out. πŸ˜€ These are the two big things going on right now. At the end of this week, my friend is coming, so that’s gonna be my highlight of the week for sure.

I will talk to you soon! I should also have a YouTube video coming soon. πŸ˜‰



By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

13 replies on “My Weekly Challenges!”

Best of luck with your second semester and your driving lessons! You’ve got this!!! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ˜„πŸ’œβœ¨
And YAY to the YouTube video! *dances around shamelessly*

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