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5 Things You Can Change in 2020

Throughout 2019, I changed quite a bit. These changes were both good and for my detriment. Today I have five things you can change in 2020. January, in any year, is the month of change. It’s the month of resolutions. However, most of these resolutions don’t last in the other months. I want to change […]


2020: Here’s the Plan

Everyone knows it’s 2020. Whether you celebrated by fireworks or just a simple meal with family as you looked over 2019, it happened. I’m back in the blogging world and I wanted to share the plan for 2020. Lots is going on this year, even in January. Big surprise, right? I was actually going over […]

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My Weekly Challenges! + Updates

Hello! It has been a crazy week for me. I finished finals; which means my first semester of college is officially completed. Finals are why I have not been posting as much. Between studying for them and then taking them, I’ve been busy. Besides, my life is hectic as it is: in the best way […]

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Wait…My Etsy Shop? + My Youtube Channel + A Business Deal for You + Q&A

Hey, there, y’all! It’s been an awesome couple of days. ❤ First of all, let me say this…lots has been going on behind the scenes. I wanted to make sure it was final before I actually said anything. About what? The thing is, I wasn’t able to let go of the Etsy idea. I started […]

Business New Design Updates

Update & Add On’s for the Businesses + Update on Resale Items + New Page Up

Hey! I normally don’t post on a Tuesday but there were a lot of important updates on the site. So, here we are. 🙂 Miss Crafter So, I changed a lot on this page. It’s now combined crafts, instead of individual ones. And the prices are cheaper. And I added resale items on the page; which means whenever I […]

Business Updates

Buy Now! {Items for Resale} + For a Cause

I’m selling some stuff that I don’t need anymore. And it’s good stuff! So, I wanted to give y’all the first option to buy it. And I promise none of it is over 15$. Most of it is much less. The thing is, I’m trying to raise money. I’m in the publishing process for my […]

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Update on My Writing +School!

Apologies, I’ve been busy! I’ve been holding the “Best Commenter Challenge” and haven’t posted since Sunday. *sighs* Don’t worry, I have some stuff planned that y’all can read and comment on! Writing: So, today I did something awesome! I finished Vital, my book I’ve been working on for a very long time. I grew so […]

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{Updated} Best YouTube Channels!

Hey, hey! ❤ I did An Awesome YouTuber! But that was forever ago, back in March 2018. *realizes how long that’s been* Anyway…let’s go! These are not in ranking. That would be way too hard! Just a note. 🙂 JK! Studios Most of you know Studio C, they’re pretty famous. However, they most recently changed […]