Resale Items


Hello! I have bought many things that I don’t need anymore. This includes old books and other knick-knacks. They’re pretty cheap and they’re good books! Check it out! 🙂

Resale Items:


Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson. Three dollars.


Free to be Me by Betty Robinson. Three Dollars.


Set-Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy. Three dollars.

*Has a small name on the first page, very top corner**


The Shadow of the Galilean by Gerd Theissen. Three dollars.

*Has a lot of highlighting throughout the book*


R.G. LeTourneau: Mover of Men and Mountains. Three dollars. 


Goes together. A cute bouncy ball, pin that says “Shine with the light of Jesus” and a cupcake eraser. Two dollars.


Jewelry. Together it is four dollars.

Thanks for reading!


41 replies on “Resale Items”

Love your products!!! Do you sell them? I’m interested in them. Good job!!! I love the butterfly!!!!😊♥️♥️♥️♥️

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I can choose anything? Well, in that case, then I have chosen some things out and I would like the two monster bookmarks, the cute heart beaded bracelet, the rock picture holder, white and yellow poke-dot rock, and the small heart bookmark. And if there is room, I would like the strawberry playdough mold.

That is what I would like and if I have to take anything out, let me know. 🙂 I am still going to need to confirm it with my parents to buy it! Also, do I need to pay for shipping?
I will let you know what my parents say really soon!! 🙂

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Yes, you can! All of those sound great! Except for two things: one, I can’t do the playdough mold by themselves. They come in a pack. Also, you chose seven things, two of which are pretty big, (possibly heavy) so can I do 8 dollars instead of 6? I can make your advertising period shorter if you want!

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I am about to email you with further details, (I’ll need your address and stuff and you probably don’t want that out there for the entire world to see!) So, please wait on that and we’ll get this thing rolling.

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will you follow my blog? I’m ten years old, and i love making new friends. i noticed you’er a teen. i never fit in with big kids like you. they act like i’m a bug, supposed to be squashed with a shoe. *sigh* i guess i’m getting used to it. I try to act cool like them but i mostly get ignored. They may not always do all that but i can still tell i’m not wanted. Will you be my friend? a lot of the bloggers older than me are really nice, like lavender’s delightful words, if you know her.

~cat girl, the one who gets ignored by the big ones.

P.S. the thing is, i admire them, but they take NO notice! I would probably scream at them if it wasn’t for my best friend Abigail, who knows how to calm me down and hold me back from the brink of explosion.

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Of course! I would love to. 💜 And is Sorry you get ignored sometimes, when I was your age I had lots of problems with that. I take it as my job to get the ‘outsiders’ on the ‘inside.’ And you seem really awesome! 😛 I’m sure they just don’t know how cool you are. And I’m glad you have her as a friend.

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