Buy Now! A Craft Pack!


This is not my first time doing a crat pack. The first time was when Christina bought one! And then Kaelyn customized one and bought it. Now I’m putting one together so y’all can buy it!

Shining Stars Kindergarten

What It Includes: Two rocks with a twist, one heart bookmark, a DIY butterfly, a WonderLoom bracelet, and a clay button.


Picture: Here is the picture of the items. *Everything is this picture is included.*

Pricing: 7 Dollars plus $3 shipping

“If You Want to Buy” You Have to:Β Live in the United States of America.

I hope you like this craft pack. If you want to buy it comment below and we can get the ball rolling. 😁



By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

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