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So, on my “10 Things to do This Summer” five-part series I recommended reading and writing. So, since it’s the summer and I recommend that I can’t just leave you hangin’. 😜 And I’ve been writing for a long time and in those writing classes, I have learned a lot. This coming school year I am taking a fictional writing class! πŸ™‚ By the end of the school year, the plan is to have a published book. *mind blown* Cool, right? Well, I’ve been preparing to get to that level. In my Comp II class this last school year we learned a lot about rhetorical devices, (metaphors, similes, anaphora, antithesis, etc.) If you don’t know what those are we will go over some popular rhetorical devices in this series as well as making action scenes, developing characters, describing, memories, etc. πŸ’• Let’s do this! 😁

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So, there is a lot to say and this may expand to more than July, I will say. Just a note. πŸ˜€

Ready for a lot of information? I am!

A book I would recommend for essay writing isΒ The Lively Art of Writing,Β by Miss Payne. We had to read it and go over it in Composition II at VSA, the online-school I go to. In it are amazing rules to make your writer better than you thought it could get. I looked from my first essay to my last essay and I saw some significant changes in my style and the content.

Five Rhetorical Devices to Improve Your Writing:

Every time I do one of these posts I will introduce you to five more rhetorical devices. Let’s go over the first five!

Metaphor:Β A comparison between two things, without using the words like or as.

Simile:Β A comparison between two things, using the words like or as.

Parallel Structure:Β Repetition in the structure of the sentences

Anaphora:Β This is a type of parallel structure that starts at the beginning of the sentences, “I like dogs. I like cats. I like fish.”

Antithesis:Β Direct opposites statement side by side. Example: I will wait for you, you will wait for me.

Characters (Developing)

How you develop characters is important because you don’t want your characters to be bland or similar. Creating different back stories is important, make their goals different, their looks different, their attitudes toward pressure, corruption, or overly nice people different. You can make them similar in some ways, but not every way.

Let’s make one!




A few pet peeves:


Dark Secret(s):

Biggest Fears:



Answer all those and you can add more depending on what your story is about and the time setting. Speaking on time setting, let’s talk on that!

How To Show the Reader the Time Setting!

Now, saying β€œThe year was 1776…” is a little unoriginal. And cliche. Hint at it first. For example, people (as I plan to) in older times planned to court (there was no dating). So, you can say court instead of date, hint at the style of clothing when your describing your new character. Example: His cowboy hat was dusty with years of riding the plain.

We don’t typically wear cowboy hats anymore. So that’s a good hint. 🀠

Have an awesome day and see you on Part two of this series, but before that, Sunday for Weekly Challenges. If you have any questions on what you would like me to talk about let me know. 😍


Also, Important Announcement:

I would like to thank Christina for buying my craft pack! I am sending it with her name on it (literally!) very soon! Thanks, girl! And everyone-check out her awesome blog.



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Is the book you hope to have published Vital, or another one?

Also thank you for the tips/instructions!

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No, it’s not. There is “super nice” and friends, then there is “flirtation.” Which it ca be argued isn’t too bad (and I would argue that) if you are…1: Old enough (14 isn’t, I don’t think) 2: Know the difference. I would be careful because it can get “messy” but I wouldn’t say it was wrong.


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