My Thoughts on Modesty:


Modesty is a really interesting topic, and being a Christian blogger that is a girl, that has a lot of girl followers, I really wanted to talk on this topic for about five months now! 

So, here we go.

There are lots of beliefs on this topic, let’s go over the basic views with three girls talking together on this topic:

Jenny: I just don’t care about modesty, I mean, what’s the big deal?

Camryn: My Mom says that God wants all of us to be modest, but we can still be trendy.

Brooke: No way, Camryn, those shorts? Wow, so immodest. My Mom said that we can’t wear shorts that short and we can’t have any bright colors, and we have to wear baggy stuff-men can’t see our curves, it’s not right.

Jenny: Brooke! That makes you stand out when you come in…everyone notices because you look so different. You don’t look like you care about yourself.

Camryn: I agree.


Interesting, right? Only one person is right in this situation and I agree with Camryn.

Let me show you some pictures of what I mean. 

I will show you a picture and I will say yay or nay! 🙂 

images (1).jpg

Crop top? No, no, no. I am not sure about my view with crop-tops and shirt underneath them, but I think that is okay, but just a crop-top, no way!


images (2).jpg

Cute scarf thing! But, this leaves me with the question…does she have shorts on? 


images (3).jpg

Cute color, but can I get a “Tight and short!”


images (4).jpg

I love…it all! It is super cute and modest, I can’t tell where the shirt lands exactly, but it looks fine. 🙂



Let’s talk about the 2nd one first: I am perfectly fine with the back showing, as long as it is not too low, then that gets too close to the behind which is very immodest, the first one, let’s see, I can’t exactly tell where the chest line is, but it might be a bit low. 🙂 Not sure, it is pretty small. 

YAY on second, NOT SURE on the first.


I absolutely love this, the skirt is plenty long while still being super cute, and the shirt is high enough, no chest is shown. Also, the hair: I love it, I think fixing up your hair is supposed to look good, (some may disagree), but in the Bible, it says that a women’s pride is in her hair!

“But if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For her hair is given to her for a covering.” ~1 Cor. 15:22

Now, I don’t think God thinks that short hair is a sin, but I don’t think boy cuts are good for girls either because we are not boys/men, we are women/girls! Boy cuts are for boys, God doesn’t want you to be something He created you not to be-and I don’t believe in thsoe cuts, hair is a women’s blessing, a jewel, and a joy.


modest out.jpg

I love it, it is long enough, and not too tight! 🙂 



Let’s talk about this. It is not modest, even though she is a very little girl, she shouldn’t be showing her stomach. 


Before we do more pictures, let’s see what the Bible has to say about modesty:

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” ~1 Cor. 16:19-20

Our body is a temple, we should honor God by honoring it.

“Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman without discretion.” ~Proverbs 11:22

Hum…really? Discretion and modesty go hand in hand, so be modest and don’t throw your honor out the window!

Also, remember the story of Ruth? She adorned herself when she asked Boaz to marry her and carry on the family line; but you know what else? She was modest and she was humble! 🙂 You can be both.

Let’s try a few more pictures:

download (3).jpg

It would be too short for an adult woman, but because this girl is so small, they can “get away” with more things, this is super cute.


images (5).jpg

I love it. ❤ This is super cute. Now, shirts like that with those ‘knots’ can be a little short, but as long as you get a good size, you will be fine. 



(Left to right). I love it, it’s cute, but I am not for holes in the jeans. The next one is good, very casual. The next one is cute, I don’t know what the shirt says though! The next one, those shorts are short. Now, the last one-cute! Cute! Cute! It really depends on the style of you, to know if you like it or not.

YAY-except one.


Let’s focus on the shirt-no, no, no! Now, there are undergarments for the chest that don’t have straps and just go around your back and chest, so you could wear that, but if you are going to wear that type of bra you have to remember something: those bras are often too ‘high’ for shirts, so if you raise/move your arms to the side you can see the bra by your arm, which is immodest. 


images (6).jpg

The pants are fine, but the shirt, even though it is not a crop-top, it still too short. You could wear that to bed, (looks comfy)!


images (7).jpg

Can somebody say cute? I like it. The jeans are not super skinny, and the shirt does not look too low, and the jacket could hide anything, (if ther eis anything), immodest like bra straps.



I have shown you pictures on modesty and outfits that fit the ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ category. I understand a lot of people diagree with me for whatever reason-but, I think this is right. 

Show yourself some respect girls, you are worth respect, and coering yourself properly, no matter what your friends or crush says. 

Love y’all, you can all breath, that was longer than most of my posts!! 😀


Questions or comments?

3-2-1 Blast Off.png



By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

41 replies on “My Thoughts on Modesty:”

Well, with the boyish hairstyles and everything, some girls actually look REALLY nice in boy hair, and some girls don’t even have a choice. My mom (she is from Africa) had her hair boy short because they couldn’t afford proper hair care.

There was also that comfy lounge outfit, the shirt doesn’t look too short. I mean idk, I can’t even see it that well. 😄 When you presented the five outfits all together in a row there, I noticed you went “nay” for the holed jeans and the shorts. Imo, those jeans are fooooine and those shorts aren’t even that short but, ya know, we’re two different people.

I hope I didn’t offend you 😬. You wanted to know, so I thought I’d answer your questions.

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It’s true, I guess it depends on what a ‘boy’s haircut’ is. Yes, I totally understand not being able to choose, and I don’t blame your Mom or any other person out there because they can’t make a choice. Oh, yes, I liked the jeans, I just not into the whole hole thing in jeans, but I did like the jeans. And the shorts: I am honestly on the edge, I don’t know, I would have to see them on me to be sure, and honestly I have a lot of insecurities about my thighs, so when i get skinnier I may be fine with shorter shorts. No, you didn’t offend me at all, in fact you delighted me in your responses and thank you for being open and honest.

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Great post, Ariana! I was just thinking of posting a modesty post today – I actually might do it Wednesday! 😀

You covered this topic very nicely, and I think that I agree with most of it.

I think that if a girl would like to cut her hair super short, it would be okay. There are many ways for a girl to rock a traditional boyish hairstyle while still looking/dressing feminine.

I am sorry, but I absolutely adore that olive green colored tank top. 😄 Do you know where you found that photo? 🙂

-Bekah ❤️

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Thank you! That’s a great idea! Thanks. ❤

Yes, I understand most people disagree with me, I had a cousin who had it with beautiful hair, but then she cut it off-and it just wasn't as nice, but I see what you are saying. I like the tanktop too, that is why I mentioned the bra that has no straps. 😀 I found it on Google Chrome, I just typed in "clothes for women" and hit "images" ❤


That’s what I did for most of my images too XD. Some of them I had to really filter through because I didn’t want to scar my readers! lololol

Liked by 2 people

I read it but I wasn’t scared XD but only because there was no clothing on there that my sis or mom have not worn XD I kinda agree with u on some of the stuff, and you couldn’t put worse pics then that, but I and my fam don’t care if my sister has clothing that show her stomach, and we don’t- uhgg I feel so weird, commenting on this XD mostly all my parents care about, is that my sister’s shirt is not hanging down. I realize that you couldn’t put pics that are too inmodest on there so GOOD JOB 😀

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Also to everyone:

I just want you to know that I am not judging anyone who has a boy haircut if she is a girl, I know sometimes they don’t have choices, and even if they do I don’t judge them, everyone has different views on just about everything. 🙂 And I know some people disagree with my views, (and that’s fine)!!, I just wanted to let y’all know something.

I gained 15 pounds in three months when I moved to my grandmother’s house with everyone else, (we still live here), and it really got me down because we just got back from Europe where I looked my best, (everything is healthier over there and we walked a lot), point is: I lost seven pounds of it, (yay)!, but I still don’t look like I want to, especially in two places-one of them being my thighs. When I lose more weight in that area I might be fine with wearing those shorts I said were too short, I really can’t fully tell how short they are and through our screens then through a picture sometimes we just can’t tell, and we have to try something on! My point is this, my insecurities about myself may have swayed the odds in the modesty discussion, and on some of those outfits, you can’t tell how high/low/short/long something is, so these are not my strict views. I hope everyone enjoyed this post, thanks.

~Ari ❤

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Aww Ariana I hope we didn’t make you feel insecure about your weight and stuff. (I hope that didn’t come out wrong 😩) We all were just discussing our different views––we didn’t mean to make you feel self-conscious because you can’t/don’t feel comfortable wearing shorter shorts.

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This was pretty similar to my thoughts. I actually wear modest stuff (is that right? I’m pretty sure), but I do have 1 or 2 loose tank tops that I wear occasionally. Great post! 😀

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with having the straps showing. It doesn’t always look good, but it’s not immodest.

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I know this was a while ago but I do have a question about your modesty standards. I’m not saying you should do what my family rules are, but I just had a question about yours.
1. What are your thoughts on tighter jeans/pants or items that accentuate the backside area?
2. You said that you think bra straps showing is immodest, I was wondering why?


Liked by 1 person

No problem, I love questions!

1. I think they are okay, I don’t think you should ever not be able to breath in pants, and skinny jeans and men do not mix in my opinion. It’s hard to say how tight or not tight it should be over technology, but hopefully you get what I am saying. I’m fine if things show your curves, personally.
2. Well, you are saying “Hey, everyone, I need a bra/I have on a bra,” and to me it is immodest because that is something that goes under a t-shirt, not over, would you wear the whole bra outside your shirt? No. To me, bra straps are similiar.

You’re welcome and thank you!

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I agree with what you think about pants, but I’m not allowed to wear things that are tight “back there” or things that have detail, like buttons or sparkles on back pockets.
It is so hard to find pants/shorts that are not tight and long enough, but I have found some good places.
Right. I guess maybe for someone who is younger who does not actually need a bra, they could be wearing it because they think it looks cool or grown up.
However, I’m actually okay with a little bra strap showing. It’s hard to hide them sometimes, and my current most comfortable bras are in a style that makes the straps pretty hard to hide. Even a tank doesn’t really work, but I try to hide them whenever possible.
I don’t really mind when my bra shows underneath my arm when shirts have a larger hole (I am not a fan of shirts that have armpit holes so low that you see your skin beneath your bra, though!) because it’s really just like wearing a tank top. But, I don’t really like bras that have a lot of extra detail on them, so maybe it would be different if I did.


Liked by 1 person

Sparkle on the back pockets, to me, is extremely immodest, so I agree! I understand your bra strap belief, and I’m not judging you for it. I wear tanktops where the straps are thicker, and I’m fine with that, but the spaghetti straps to me are immodest, but I get it. Yeah, thanks for your comments. 🙂 I like talking about this kind of stuff to people.

You’re welcome and thanks!

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