When Everything Turns Upside Down…

Have you ever felt like your whole world collapses? Maybe you did not make that swim team though you practiced for months and tried really hard. Or, maybe an uncle died, and your aunt is shutting off and you don’t talk as much as you used to, or maybe a promise was un-kept by a family member or friend and you feel lied to and unloved.

Before I totally turn into this conversation with you guys, I want to invite you to something.

My grandmother, Mom, and I have been taking this study called. 

Uninvited, by Lisa TerKeurst. I will say one thing, it is meant for adults because it does talk about “maybe you feel rejected by your husband…” and stuff like that, but it really helped me. It talks about living loved my God and bringing the fullness of God to any situation and knowing you are loved, even if you feel unloved by a special person, and getting over that feeling without hurting you. I heavily encourage you all to go and look online, talk to your Mom about it, and do it, it really helps. 🙂

Let’s get through this idea of your world turning upside down…

So, whatever the case, it happens to just.about.everyone. So, don’t feel alone in this, you’re not the only one, (one), (two), God is always with you. 

I don’t know what your world is like, honestly, you don’t know a lot of what mine is like, but we can still understand each other. 

Let’s talk about David for a sec, so his whole world was “turned upside down” in modern language. Why? Well…

  • Saul tried to kill him.
  • People loved him, Saul hated him.
  • He was getting mixed messages from Saul…people…Saul…people.
  • His friend Joshua, Saul’s son, was fighting for David, and I am sure he was worried about his friend.
  • He had to hide away from his enemies to stay safe, he left his HOME.

What is home? A lot of people say, “Home is where the heart is.” I am sure his heart was with God, which God is everywhere, but there is still that want/need for family. (David’s wife at this point, and a good friend, Joshua).

Just remember, if God did it for David, God can do it for you, because He never changes.

Now, some of you probably just said… “You have no idea what I have done..” Well, I don’t, that is a true statement. A lot of people say, “I can’t go back now, I am too far gone, you know what I have done to God?”

But, the real question is, “Do you know what God has done for you?” 

Now, if I was not as serious and this was not as serious I would probably say mic drop, because that is the essence on this lesson, (and I would be joking, just to keep that clear), but I think I won’t, because this is serious, and a lot of people face this.

Others might even think their sin is too heavy for God’s grace…first of all…

Do YOU think YOUR sin is greater than God’s LOVE and MERCY and FORGIVENESS?

Uh no, it is not, and I don’t mean to be rude, but come on, look up not down. Think about it. I’m sorry if I offended anybody, but it is the truth, and I want y’all to have it because a lot of people don’t. And someone in this generation is going to be the next president, or senator, or governor. 

We need people who believe in themselves, but more importantly, believe in God. 

A lot of people here, but they don’t listen, I need y’all to listen to what I am saying, believe.

Believe. Believe. Believe. Believe. Believe.

Now, I am not saying I did not like Thomas, the disciple, but we don’t need a bunch of Thomas’s in the Christian faith saying, “I don’t believe because I don’t see.” I am not saying I have never believed because I don’t see, but we all have to grow out of that together, we all have to strive to be like Christ, though we will never be perfect.

Are you ready for this fight?

Are you ready for this battle?

Are you ready for this war?

If you are going to get anything from this, get the statements in dark maroon, write them down, and ask yourself…are you? Are you ready? Do you know God’s love is greater? 

That is all, thank you for reading, I love you guys. ❤


By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

2 replies on “When Everything Turns Upside Down…”

Oh my freaking gosh this post was so perfect for me. I have been struggling to trust God lately with certain things this past few months, but he was really been revealing himself to me. Thanks for this bae!

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