These are my intros for my beginning life of being a believer in God and more!

Hello, one and all! I am Ariana Evans, the creator of this site.

My testimony started when I was four. My mother talked to me about God, and I began to feel something I had never felt before. After a long time, but short at the same time, I became a Christian! Since then I have grown, and earned for God’s secrets to be known. I wanted to share everything I know, and then I did begin to share! And this is another step.


My Testimony:

I love photography and writing! I think they go together quite well! I want to write books and have my pictures to help make my movies, (I want to be a director.) I also want to use those pictures to help me write my books…that is where I get my inspiration from! I also love to bake, I love the smells and the accomplishments, I love eating my treats too, haha. (Oh, and that is my business card, the featured image)!!

Inspiration, & All About The Blogger: