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Wait…My Etsy Shop? + My Youtube Channel + A Business Deal for You + Q&A

Hey, there, y’all! It’s been an awesome couple of days. ❤ First of all, let me say this…lots has been going on behind the scenes. I wanted to make sure it was final before I actually said anything. About what? The thing is, I wasn’t able to let go of the Etsy idea. I started […]

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73 Questions with Ariana {Vogue Inspired}

I love questions, and I’m about to answer seventy-three of them. Woo! Maggie did this post and I thought it was super cool. Look at her post here! On most of these I will try to answer concisely. We will see how that goes. Now, let’s get to it. 73 Questions with Me: What’s your […]