New Design

New Design on the Blog? (That’s a Yes)

Hey, y’all. I’m changing. Thus, my blog will be changing. As a blogger, it is definitely good to change things around and keep things interesting. I was kinda afraid to change it all up. Why? (You should know in all these changes, I will not be getting rid of my rhetorical questions). I don’t want my blog […]

Business New Design Updates

Update & Add On’s for the Businesses + Update on Resale Items + New Page Up

Hey! I normally don’t post on a Tuesday but there were a lot of important updates on the site. So, here we are. 🙂 Miss Crafter So, I changed a lot on this page. It’s now combined crafts, instead of individual ones. And the prices are cheaper. And I added resale items on the page; which means whenever I […]