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My Weekly Challenges! + An Awesome Sale

Hey, everyone! I have two things in the quota for today. First, my weekly challenges since it is Sunday. And then my huge sale. Scroll down to find out about both! First, I did want to say something. I made five types of slime on Saturday. Four stretchy white, and one bouncy/stretchy light blue. It […]

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Update & Add On’s for the Businesses + Update on Resale Items + New Page Up

Hey! I normally don’t post on a Tuesday but there were a lot of important updates on the site. So, here we are. 🙂 Miss Crafter So, I changed a lot on this page. It’s now combined crafts, instead of individual ones. And the prices are cheaper. And I added resale items on the page; which means whenever I […]

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Buy Now! {Items for Resale} + For a Cause

I’m selling some stuff that I don’t need anymore. And it’s good stuff! So, I wanted to give y’all the first option to buy it. And I promise none of it is over 15$. Most of it is much less. The thing is, I’m trying to raise money. I’m in the publishing process for my […]

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It’s My Birthday! + Day 2 Photography Competition!

Hey! It’s a two-fer post today. 🙂 It’s my 15th birthday today! Yay! I’m pretty excited that I’m fifteen, not gonna lie. We had a lunch party; which was awesome. For a little celebration, I want y’all to do something! It’s simple. Just post when your birthday is! (Any month, it doesn’t have to be […]