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Why People Hate the Idea of Christianity

Elisha made a post about this, actually. I would like to put out a quick shout-out to Elisha and his blog, Africa Boy. Check out his post here. I read this and asked him if I could do something like it, he graciously said yes. (Thanks!) And now I’m putting my thoughts out there.

Christianity seems to get a lot of flack for many reasons. In America, it is getting increasingly difficult to find a TV show, (that’s not Christian), that disses Christianity and makes fun of God. Or uses words against Him. In some movies, even, there is a “Christian” and people make fun until something drastic happens and then they may or may not ask about that “God thing” then. There aren’t as many miracles on TV or stories of faith. Why is this? Our rebellion is setting in, and past that, it is growing deeper into the roots of what we think. Rebellion has always been a part of us. Even Adam and Eve, in the perfect Garden, rebelled. But, why are people so outspoken about it?

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In the end times, there is supposed to be more darkness. Is that what we’re seeing? Quite possibly. I’m not saying the word is going to end next year, but I am saying that we are closer than we’ve ever been to the End Times, just by pure logic. The world is getting worse. Sometimes it seems it can’t. It just can’t…right? And then it gets worse.

Twitter has a pedophilia problem, and it will only get worse since they’re not strictly banning it. Chick-Fil-A is no longer standing up for their faith and accepting all sorts of things, including LGBTQ+. They even said they’re focusing on veterans, (Salvation Army), and other things like that. However, as they were supporting the Salvation Army, they are supporting a non-Christian team now that helps veterans. This has happened in other ways as well with Chick-Fil-A.

You have Christian leaders in the spotlight falling. Partially due to the fact that we put them on a pedestal. What is going on with the world? These are just examples of the rebellion in the world. But, if we’re getting to the root of the problem. Why? Many reasons, really. When is a problem just rooted in one problem? We are rebellious. But, it’s more than that.

  • We Try to Be Logical

Here’s the thing. In the Enlightenment, when “faith went down and logic went up,” we did take a step away from faith. But that’s not really what the Enlightenment was about. It was about science and reasoning and learning more about our existence. Faith wasn’t out the window like we make it out to be. People in those times we’re trying to find a better faith. Surely, in a way, faith had reason? Logic? Right? That’s what they were answering, but since Christianity does require faith, that’s when it slid down in the Enlightenment and people truly started to turn away. Since then, it’s only gotten worse. We weren’t made to be foolish, we were made to be intellectual. It’s part of our nature to change and conform. With such an emphasis on proof, proof, proof we sometimes overlook the best proof: us. We’re literally right here. That is proof. Scientists are so engaged in their studies and proving something they don’t think exists doesn’t exist(weird, right?) that they don’t ponder faith. Very rarely people talk about faith instead of logic and reason and rhetoric. Life requires both.

  • Jesus

Big bullet point, right? Many people said He never rose. (We all know that story). Then, according to history, it’s proven He did. Okay, what’s the next argument? He must have just been a great teacher. In the Bible, it points out He was clear, authoritative, and powerful in His words and teachings. We can’t really argue that. But, what about these miracles? There’s always been magic. People may believe that. Atheists find different things “wrong” with the story of Jesus. Unfortunately, since we were not there we can’t say “Here He is.” A Great Teacher is the best we’ve had so far. Besides the Christian belief that He is the Messiah, of course.

Miracles aren’t logical; which brings us back to the original point. If we don’t understand it, we don’t want to believe it. If He was just a great teacher, that would be that. Nothing else. But these miracles. The miracles and His teachings were paired together in perfect harmony, but since we can’t understand one piece of the puzzle, we throw both of them out. 

  • Pride

We don’t want to be ruled. Just like in the Garden, if there are rules, we want to break them. The Devil twists God’s words and then makes it look more appealing and we snatch it up (sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically) and we do something that is forbidden by God and everyone else around us, possibly. We don’t want to have a leader because then we have to obey them. We don’t rules because then we have to follow them. And today, you have “my truth” and “your truth;” which really means there is no truth at all. There is one truth. And that is Jesus, however, that’s the one truth we don’t want to admit to. Pride is the root. Many will refute this and say “it’s human nature.”

But. The thing is. We created human nature, in a way. God didn’t create us to sin, at first. That was Adam’s and Eve’s decision. Human nature wasn’t added on Day 5 or 6. And while God knew it would happen and these things would come to pass, (it didn’t hit Him by surprise), He didn’t put it into His perfect Creation.

I hope you liked this post. It was actually much longer than expected. Thank you to Elisha for letting me play off his post a bit. Don’t forget to check out my latest YouTube videos. I have a video about Bible studies here and a promotional video for my Etsy shop, here. Thanks, all.



By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

25 replies on “Why People Hate the Idea of Christianity”

I believe a lot of it comes down to not taking heed to 2nd Chronicles 7:14. Which also leads me to believe that we walk by sight not by faith. And without faith we cannot please God.

A man told me many years ago not to lose my vision of the cross. I’ve thought about that ever since. And it’s true. If we lose sight of the cross, we lose sight of everything. Where there is no vision, the people perish. We’ve allowed the vision of the cross to be replaced by satans utopia of open borders, free health care and a “nonviolent” future. And the church has bought into it.

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Awesome job! Thanks a ton for paraphrasing me lol. It’s really cool to see you agreeing with what I said. However, there’s one more important piece about Jesus that’s crucial- he claimed to be God. To my knowledge, no other major religion creator claimed to be God. Joseph Smith, Muhammed, Budha, all claimed to be enlightened by God, but none claimed to BE him. Important piece 🙂
Anyway, thanks for writing! This was really awesome!

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Great post, Ariana. I couldn’t help but notice that nearly all of the “end times” characteristics talked about in the New Testament are eerily what is going on in our world today (especially America), which is a bit haunting but it all makes sense since society gets worse and worse. I’ll think “it can’t get any worse/more corrupted than this,” and then people go and find a way. It’s disheartening, but I have to keep my eyes on the Lord because when I don’t, I end up feeling scared and discouraged. It’s because I’ll try to rely on my own strength or understanding and that doesn’t work because the only way I’ll feel at peace about what’s happening in the world is when I rely on the Lord. 🙂

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This is an amazing article, Ari! So proud of you.

I would love to see more on this topic in the future. For example, you say about his resurrection that “according to history, it’s proven that he did”, but I would love to see you delve into that. What history? And similiarly, your point that, “The Bible says that he was clear, authoritative, and powerful in his teachings. Who can argue with that?” I would say that people can and do argue with that, so I’m curious to hear your defense for why the gospels can be trusted as areliable historical sources.

All in all, this was excellent! Love you. ❤

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Thank you!
Yes, I agree. We’re definitely getting closer. It is something disheartening because as Americans were supposed to be ‘civilized’ but here we are doing very very wrong things.

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I think the reason why people hate Christianity is because they don’t want to give up things that are ungodly because they enjoy it.

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This is a really insightful post, and I love how you stick with your faith and are proud of it. My one thing is, you mentioned that Chick-Fil-A (sorry I don’t know what this is, we don’t have them in australia) is now accepting all sorts of things, including LGBTQIAP+ people. I get the sense this is frowned upon in Christianity and I respect that, but I just wanted to know your thoughts on that and why you believe it. I hope we can have a respectful discussion – I found this post great and in no way am I trying to attack you ❤️

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Thanks so much, Rhi!
Cool, okay. It’s against the Bible explicitly. If you type in Bible on homosexuality there’s always one thing that will come up. In the Old Testament there is the example of Sodom and Gomorrah—(God frowned upon the city and punished them) and Paul, one of the greatest apostles, mentioned it as a horrible sin.


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