Interviewing Maggie of Dreaming of Guatemala and The Expressive Life

Hey, everyone. I’m going to be interviewing Maggie today. She is an amazing blogger and I’m really excited about this!

I also wanted to give her another quick-shout out. She gave me an idea for a YouTube video. I did it and you can check it out right here!

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Firstly, let’s get to know Maggie.


“Maggie’s a young adult who loves the Lord, interacting with other people, and trying new things! If she’s not writing a blog post for one of her blogs or doing something creative, you can find her singing a song, enjoying the great outdoors, or spending time with her family. She lives in the beautiful state of Georgia in the metro Atlanta area with her parents and four little siblings.”

My questions and commentary are in italics. Her answers are normal formatting.

Hey, Maggie! I’m so glad to have you on my blog today! Let’s start off with a simple question. Why did you start blogging?

Hey Ariana! I’m very happy to be here! 🙂 Thanks for having me.

That’s a great question! In 2010, my mom introduced me to this website she found called HomeschoolBlogger! It was a cool online place for homeschooled kids and teens to have their own virtual space to write blog posts. At that time (I was 10), I loved journaling and writing stories, so it sounded like the perfect place for me. The rest is history!
That is such a cool story! I had no idea it was back in 2010!
What are all the names and purposes of the different blogs you have?
I’ve had several blogs in the past, but I currently have two blogs that I’m running as of right now (and I don’t intend on adding any more, haha): ‘Dreaming of Guatemala’ and ‘The Expressive Life.’ The first is an awesome space where I love being creative, inspiring others, and spreading the word about all the lovely bloggers I know! The second blog is a new one I made just over a month ago to really document things I’m experiencing in my real life, both the highlights and the things I’m working on and overcoming.
That’s super awesome! ❤ I’ve noticed the different styles and I love both. 
Why more than one blog?
Great question! I’ve found that trying to write all of the posts I want to share and then publishing them on the same blog is challenging on so many levels. My content doesn’t end up feeling seamless; anyone who visits my blog never knows what to expect next from me; and I have felt so many times like I’m “hiding” my real life when I only share articles and inspirational posts. So, right now I have one blog for entertainment/inspiration/creativity, and the other is for being authentic and real! I want anyone who visits either of my blogs to know that I’m a real young adult with real struggles, as well as real victories and growth. 🙂
Great answer, as usual.✌ I really respect that you can have more than one. I did that for a while, but it was tough for me, to be honest. 
Do you struggle sometimes with having more than one?
Right now, I’m absolutely loving having two! I have a vision (well, two actually haha) with where I’m taking my content and why I’m wanting to be blogging at this point in my life. In the past when I tried to add another blog (whether it was for book reviews, or educational resources, etc), I didn’t have a strong enough vision or drive to continue with them, which is why I have basically retired or deleted them at this point.
Good luck. They’re looking great so far!
What is something you have learned from blogging? (You can name one to three things if you want!)
Blogging has taught me so much! But here’s a few things that first come to mind: writing posts has taught me about how to be a better writer. Being a blogger has helped me to explore who I am, what I’m interested in, and also how to not let what others think or say affect me or change the way I blog or how I feel about my life. The last thing that blogging has taught me is that perfectionism is not actually a desirable thing – at least to me. Being authentic is how you can truly connect with people, and it is so rewarding!
I had my own battles with perfectionism. It’s great you’re getting over that problem. It can be helpful, but often, it’s something that keeps you from feeling better about yourself.
What is your favorite kind of blog to read?
Ooh that’s a tough one! I love so many kinds of blogs. If I had to choose, I’d say personal blogs – I thoroughly enjoy getting to see inside the lives of different bloggers I know! I learn a lot from them and it’s so fun to see how other people live.
Awesome! Good to know. 😉
What is one dream you had when you first started blogging?
Honestly, for years I wanted to have a blog that surpassed 1,000 followers! I achieved that dream in 2017… and I found out it actually wasn’t all that fulfilling. So many of those followers are spam accounts. Now, if I had a blog that had 1,000 friends following me, THAT would be cool! Maybe I could shoot for that dream next? No? Oh well haha…
I agree! Though 1,000 would be fantastic…Honestly? Yes. I just keep coming back to it – I absolutely love it. 😂 If I got one thousand I would go crazy. And I mean crazy. 😆
What was one thing you were worried about when blogging in your first month or so?
I can’t remember having any apprehension about my first blog in 2010 (which is awesome – I was a happy and confident preteen!), so I’ll speak on my experience when starting Dreaming of Guatemala: I totally didn’t think my blog would grow. I really wanted to connect with other bloggers but I didn’t have experience browsing the Reader. I worked really hard in those first few months of having that blog to find bloggers to connect with, and I’m happy to say I found some people! I’m still in contact with some of them today 🙂
That’s awesome you didn’t have apprehension in your first one. That’s impressive. I am definitely glad you got past those fears, and are continuing to, because your blog is great.
This is a random question. But here we are. What is your favorite emoji?
I honestly love the laughing emoji! 😂 On iPhone, it’s really cute and it actually looks like it’s having a great time. I also use practically all of the heart emojis because it adds a sweetness to talking online. Since I can’t smile through the screen or say something in a nice way, I use heart emojis. 💕
Same here! Who doesn’t like emojis? 
How do you handle the business of your family, future, and blogging?
I’m so absolutely used to the busyness of my family life that I find it pretty easy! Just as long as we’re all getting along, everyone knows what they need to get done, and we’re open to things changing (since they always do), I really like having a lot I can help out with and be part of. There are definitely days when there’s tension between us, because we have our bad days like everyone else, but as long as we all remember that a bad day does not mean we have a bad life, we get through it together. I’m excited about and praying for my future marriage and family – I have no idea what the Lord has in store for me, but I’m truly looking forward to it! With blogging, I end up getting a lot on my plate quickly because I have SO many ideas for posts, but when I relax about it and narrow my ideas down to the ones I’m really excited about, then I thoroughly enjoy it.
You’re so positive. It’s fantastic!
What kind of creative things do you like to do besides blogging?
I love drawing, coloring, making photo collages, turning my favorite quotes into digital artwork, and doing interior decorating! Those are the first ones that came to mind, but I love a lot of other creative outlets, as well.
I love photo collages and aesthetics. One of my friends actually made one of me and it was super cute. ❤
What are you planning for your future?
Right now, I have my eyes set on spending time with my family for the rest of the time I’m living at home, love blogging and continue to connect with and inspire people, fall in love with my future husband, get married, settle down, and start a family. The Lord alone knows how long this life plan will take! But I’m willing to wait ❤
Patience is key in anyone’s future!
Do you see yourself blogging for forever?
Honestly? Yes. I just keep coming back to it – I absolutely love it.
Whenever I take breaks, it’s actually a little sad. 😦 It’s a great hobby and lifestyle.

Thanks so much, Maggie! That’s the end of the interview. I hope you all liked it! This was such a fun collaboration to do together. Good luck in the blogosphere.

Thank you, everyone, for reading. I’ll cya soon!

By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

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Great interview! I have 2 blogs too, and I couldn’t imagine only having one at this point.
I also agree about the follower thing. Like, yeah it’s great to have a large number, but last year I had 5 followers and most of them were active on my blog, and now I feel like a majority are just spam.

Merry Christmas Ariana!

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Thanks again for doing this with me, Ariana!!! ☺️💗 I had a wonderful time answering your questions, and your responses were great, as well.
I’ll reblog this tomorrow to give more people a chance to see it 😊

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Hello everybody! I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas! 🙂 ❤ Yesterday, Ariana from Ariana's Archives shared a post where she interviewed me and asked me a ton of cool questions! If you'd like to read it, make sure and visit her blog. Thanks!

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