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New Design on the Blog? (That’s a Yes)


Hey, y’all. I’m changing. Thus, my blog will be changing. As a blogger, it is definitely good to change things around and keep things interesting. I was kinda afraid to change it all up. Why? (You should know in all these changes, I will not be getting rid of my rhetorical questions). I don’t want my blog to change so much some people don’t like it.

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the design

Well, here it is! I’m still making a couple changes. But, you will see that colors, headers, sidebars, (etc.) are different. I really like this design and I think it matches a bit more of my new style. I had the same design for a very long time. So, I took some time and changed just a bit of everything.

the about me page/contact page

I changed everything as far as the page. I actually deleted my old “Home” page. Along with it, (accidentally), 129 comments. Sorry, y’all. I meant to keep them, I just slightly messed up when I was designing. It’s a bit easier to design something from scratch. 😂 However, back to that About Me page. It’s now full of pictures and more facts about me, and not the blog. I hope you like it. Check it out!

The contact page is also way different. Check it out here. It is better as far as design and it’s also actually embedded into the site now instead of a link. I like that better and I’ve been meaning to do it.

the theme

I’ll probably end up being more formal in my writing. And I’ll be writing more focused posts. Instead of “God’s love and everything else” it will be a smaller circle of posts. It will be more about the world, God, my YouTube and business, and things like that. I’ll still talk about books and writing, however, so that’s not changing. I’m going to cover a variety of posts, and once I say it, it sounds like a lot. But, it’s more themed and not every “theme” in every week. Instead of scattered shorter posts, they will be more scheduled, longer posts. I’ll have more series as well.

personally personal

Part of being a blogger is deciding what your followers will know about you. There will be weekly updates in the weekly challenges, as usual. If big events happen, I’ll share. Hopefully, also more pictures and not just words. I looked at a lot of my posts, and I realize I don’t share a lot of photos. I’ll be sharing more, but maybe not of my family, for privacy reasons.

the series themselves

Like I said above, I’ll be doing more series. I’m actually thinking about stopping Bible Verse Wednesday and trading it with a few different things. Since I’ll be doing most posts on religion and doctrine, I will probably not be having a specific day for a verse. I’ll be doing more, longer posts like that throughout the week. I’m also considering doing a series called Adventures in Spam Comments. And more philosophy based posts. Why? (Again, I will not be changing the whole rhetorical questions thing).  I love philosophy and there’s a lot to be debated about.

the blog button

With the new changes in theme and design, there are changes to the blog button. It didn’t fit anymore. It does now. This is my new blog button:

Ariana's Archives22

I do ask that you add it to your blog button page. No rush as far as time, I get you are all busy. I hope you all like the update.

the “hello there”

That’s going out the window. It’s always the featured image, and I would rather that be the blog post title. I could change it manually, but there are a couple more reasons I don’t like it anymore.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope y’all have a great day. Tell me what you think of all the updates in the comments. 🙂


By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

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Oh yes, I just decided to wait to launch it. I’ve been around the blogging world, just under a different name. I was anonymous for the longest time before this.

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