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NaNoWriMo: And So It Continues (Update III)


It’s the third Monday of November, and thus the third update of NaNoWriMo. Can someone say behind? ‘Cuz I’m behind…

NaNoWriMo_ 2019

Name of Project: Shadows in the Tide


Vanessa and Elizabeth are best friends. When Vanessa invited Elizabeth to a family/friends gathering, things go awry. Her uncle turns up missing. Kidnapped, is what Elizabeth says. Yet the cops say he was “old” and probably just fell off a cliff while hiking; they continue to investigate. Vanessa is leaning more towards Elizabeth claims. They set out to be Nancy Drew and George, (at least that’s what Elizabeth says), and find the truth from all the clues.

Chapters Done & What They Are Featuring:

I finished chapter three. It ended up being a shorter chapter because I wanted to leave on a specific cliff hanger. And, again, I did a bit out of order! So, I have a bunch of pieces. I’m pretty happy with how the story is going.

Page Count: 18

Word Count: 5,915

Where I Write:

If you’re in NaNo, you know that NaNoWriMo has a “stats” page. You can see where you wite on average, how fast you type on average, and things like that. I tend to write at the library. I have a big break between two of my classes and I write then a lot in the library at my school. It’s pretty quiet and I can focus with ease.

Writing Habits:

I tend to have a lot of things going on. I rarely am just writing. Is that odd? It seems odd, but I’m fine with it. I like multi-tasking. But, it is good sometimes to just write; which I do, and when I do that, it’s at night.

I also usually (still) drink a soda. Or have a snack. I don’t have a particular writing snack, I just like to eat. 😛 (#Health)

When I Write:

I’ve written mostly 12-1. I like to write all throughout the day. Usually, I have more scheduled times, but this is NaNo! So, it changes a couple of things. I started writing more at 10-11 I’ve noticed, but since I wrote 12-1 so often in the first 10ish days, it still says 12-1.

Badges & Badge Goals:

I have the Update Word Count Three Days in a Row badge. I know I should have the seven day one, because I distinctly remember doing it. Sometimes it takes time to actually process the badge for me, so maybe that’s it. But I’m pretty sure I have it. 😀 Then, I got that Write 5,000 Words badge. I hope to get the Write 10,000 Words badge. And the Update Word Count Fourteen Days In A Row badge. Like I said, I know I did it seven, so this is possible…yes? XD.

My Account Link:

Thanks for reading! ❤ Have a lovely day! How is your NaNo going?


By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

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Cool. I like to write too. You reminded me. Lol! I need to write more books. I haven’t written any books for about a few weeks probably.♥️

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