Weekly Challenges

My Weekly Challenges!


Hey, hey, hey! Sorry I’m posting so late! I’ve been busy all day. Aha.


Results from Last Week:

Get to 8K for NaNo. ❌ Nope, I didn’t quite get there. XD. This has been a crazy week, I am going to write more tomorrow, for sure. I have some time for that. I get out of class early because I have an exam, and I don’t take 50 minutes to finish. So, I have that few minutes. We’ll see!

My Challenges

1) Work on my YouTube Channel

I’m getting one, actually, it’s set-up. I just have to my first video! That means finding time, a good place to film it, and did I mention time? XD.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a wonderful week.


By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

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