My Weekly Challenges!


It’s Sunday! This week was a challenge, for sure. I started a boot camp with my Mom. It’s at a CrossFit training place, every Tuesday and Thursday! It’s definitely challenging and leaving me rather sore. (Everywhere!) 😳😂 We just finished Week 1, out of six. So, that’s a small victory.

Now, onto the weekly challenges!


Results from Last Week:

Do new things. ✅ I did! I started hanging out at the library more. I decided (and started planning) for my first NaNo. Well, it’s not my first, but the last time I didn’t stick with it because I got so busy. 😛 And I’m on a “diet.” We’re giving up something for 6 weeks, mine is all sweets except on Sunday, for the CrossFit thing! And I planned two of my friends coming over, practically with just them and I; which is different because Mom usually does more of the “work” than me. 😜

My Challenges

1) Get More Books from the School Library

2) Start Taking Care of Myself More (Mentally, Physically, etc.)

3) Make One New Habit

I decided to do three because I don’t think one will be too hard, though sometimes I do forget to get more books.

Important: do you have any ideas for my new habit? I don’t yet, but I want to make a new (good) habit this week!

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “My Weekly Challenges!”

  1. Those are pretty good goals! Maybe in Novemeber, you can post your weekly challenges about NaNo.
    As far as a habit(and I know I already asked this), do you bullet journal? Because, it is a great habit to have. And, you can also use habit trackers to track habits(that sounds so redundant). Anyway, AmandaRachLee on YouTube can explain this stuff better than I can if you’re interested.

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