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“The Flames Within” (My Review)


You may remember I’m reviewing books now! 🙂 I’m working out the details. But, I’ve gotten a few customers so far! I’m really excited for this one today. It’s by R.A. Rooney. She has GoodReads, check out her profile here. And an Etsy shop here. Her short story is called The Flames Within. 

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*This is her image, not mine!*

The Story of The Flames Within: 

The story has two characters: Brad, the main character, and the Pastor, who had a few lines. Brad is debating whether or not to burn his familie’s picture. They treated him horribly. He holds anger in his heart toward them and this is his way of “being done with them.” The Pastor comes in and even he does not convince Brad to not burn it. Brad even has the fire built. After the Pastor leaves, Brad debates some more, he decides it’s not right to burn the picture.

Major Cons:

Some things she explained in this story seemed obvious. Her descriptions were very well-put most of the time. However, a few things, when I read it, did not need to be explained. However, if that is the only major con, you can tell it’s a good story.

Major Pros:

I love Brad’s character. The story itself is very short; which sometimes means you don’t get to know the characters too well. Brad is different. We understand through reading his moral conflict and why he’s mad. Not just that he’s angry. I like how she added his thoughts, and not just him ‘muttering’ the entire time; which, if she had done it that way, the review would have been much lower. One of the scenes, when Brad starts really changing his mind, it starts to rain. And sometimes that can be so cliche. But, she used it well. It was a nicely done turning point.

Star Rating:


Last Thoughts:

I loved her cover image. Her description was pretty done most of the time. Her character, Brad, was well explained and relatable. I would definitely read more of her works.

I hope you enjoyed this review!

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