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Pananaw: Jo’s Short Stories & My Reviews


I emailed Jo a couple days ago about reviewing some of her short stories. She is an (awesome) blogger who also happens to be a writer. Check out her (amazing) blog here. And I will be reviewing her stories that are located here.

I love to read, so I decided to get into the “business” of reviewing blogger’s books. (Published or not.) So, if you have any stories you want me to review let me know in the comments. Note: if they’re published books I would like a free copy. If not, I just review. 🙂

Short story reviews will be informal and shorter. There is less to “look over” so that’s why they will be less. However, when I start reviewing longer books you will have a more formal setting.

And just really quick…I accidentally posted this on Thursday! Sorry about that. 😛 I already had a post up so I didn’t want to put it up until today. And I accidentally hit publish. *sighs*

Pananaw_ Jo's Stories & My Reviews! The post in which I share my thoughts on Jo's stories.png

I’m excited! Let me just say upfront: the stories were awesome. ❤

when i fly

Just you wait and see.
Just you wait. I’m gonna fly and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. (Jo)

First off, this was incredibly short but still had depth. I don’t think she should have made it longer. I loved the idea of “flying.” To be honest, many writers have used the idea of flying in their works; which isn’t bad. But it can become cliche and overused. However, (there’s a big however coming…) I loved the way Jo used it. She made something “old” “new.” Love it!

I’ll give until I have nothing else to give, and when I’ve given that, then I’ll fly. I’ll fly.

Woah, that’s a life quote. You gotta love that! This was awesome. When I read “nothing else to give” I thought of “Fight Song,” and then it says “I’ll fly.” and whenever something is said twice, if written properly, it becomes more powerful than ever.

Yes. Yes. And yes!

if i fall

Flying and now falling? This is getting good. My nerdy little avid reader self got excited.

Onto the actual review. That’s why you’re here. *sits up straighter* *trys to be somber* *fails*

But then the truth that I have to admit to myself, despite hiding it from everyone who has ever asked, is I want to be caught. Desperately.

Somebody catch her!! 😢 This was also beautiful. It was the other side of the spectrum from “when i fly.” And you know you have a talent when you can write the same way but completely opposite. *claps*

Can we talk about the description of falling for a sec? (We can and will).

Always falling and waiting for the impact, for the ground to kiss me and leave me permanently undone, knees buckling under the weight of such a gesture of affection.

Let me just say this, it felt real. I could see it, believe it, and almost feel it. All from these two (and a little more) lines. A gesture of affection. This is awesome.

I have a problem with it, though.

You know why?


I need more! *shakes Jo* 

This almost needs to be made into a longer story, I would say. I love this character and there isn’t any character. 🙈 I love this story and it’s not a story. 😍 Ahhhh! 😂

but in my defense

Great title, to start with. I love that phrase. 😉 Use it quite often, if you know what I mean. Hehe. (I’m of course kidding knowing my mother will read this and wonder why I’m “guilty.”) hides

Anyway, onto the review. Again. It’s why you’re here.

“You first?” I shyly ask, smiling—but softly. It’s possible, I’ve learned.

“Uh, okay.” She gingerly nudges a piece, cringing a little as the stack shivers from her touch, then quickly fishes it out. “Your turn.”

So, they’re building a Jenga tower. First, Jenga towers are hard. Let’s just make mention of that fact. And it’s the first story I read, (I read them in no particular order), that has dilalogue. And it’s not disappointing!

Lots of writers are good at one of two things. Dialogue. Or description. Great writers are good at both.

Guess who’s a great writer?

I know, I know! It’s Jo!

I shove three blocks together, because in my defense, it can be built again.

Then it broke, (poor girl). And “in my denfense” is used. Ah, yes. I love it when you realize what the title of the book means. It’s a great feeling, (only readers understand). And I felt like this was true for life. I don’t know if that’s where Jo was headed, but everything and anything can be built again. Right?

things i wish i could say

Another great title. It’s used a bit more, but that’s fine. It’s not a big deal. 🙂

“Dear…” I type my letter out. Wait, it’s not a letter. An email. No, that sounds too formal. A text. Who am I kidding, I don’t have a phone. I’m writing a thing. That’s it. Things are generic. Things can be anything.

Sometimes I wish I was a thing. Sometimes.

Firstly, can we just talk about how accurate this is? “Wait, it’s not a letter. An email. No, that sounds too formal.” So true! Does anyone have one of those minds that questions everything and anything you do 24/7?” That’s me. So, I liked this part.

“I know I left without a trace…” Well, that’s one way to put it. I had no choice, just enough time to haphazardly pack my bags and get out. Get out.

Wait. Hold up! *brakes screech* This just got serious. Plot twist, plot twist!

And now that’s it. She (the character, no name), goes through the twists and turns from writing an email…*inner self coughs* excuse me, a thing. (It’s growing on me). So, yeah, I was left in suspense. I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it makes me happy.

For a very odd reason. But, I suppose I’m odd. Just like this post is not my normal style, but here I am, liking it much more than normal.


This was one of the more relatable ones!


I hope you read the stories, but if you haven’t yet…let me give you some background. Since I’m such an expert? I read these like five minutes ago. But it was a good five minutes. 😉

She is in a hospital. With dementia. And she doesn’t even know her own name. People keep telling, she keeps forgetting.

The uniform’s name is Melissa. They are both M people. She wonders if everyone there are M people, and she brightens. “So who wants to take me home?”

I loved “M people.” That was so…innocent. And in a weird way, cute. And I liked it, especially since there was a “darkness” to the story because this girl has dementia. (Darkness isn’t necessarily the word I was looking for, but here we are.)

Me and my amazing vocabulary self. *sighs*

She waits. And the room waits with her. But then they don’t. They talk amongst themselves, laughing at hospital food and places she’s never heard of.

And she smiles.

“So who wants to take me home?”

Jo, don’t make me shake you again. I. Need. Answers! *flips table*

That was the end of the story. What happened to her? Who is she? Who is Charles? (He’s going to take her home).

Great description, by the way. I liked the line, “Her eyes stare into nothing as she sits and smiles.” I feel like we do that a lot.

Side note, I’m going off track. Here I am. Doing it. And with no regrets! (I won’t use any hashtags, promise).

I think a lot of us are confused sometimes, (not with dementia, but you know,) and we sit. And we stare. And we smile. Like everything is okay, but it’s not. Especially in this day and age where no one wants to go deep. What’s with people? No offense. I’m not talking about anyone here, in particular, just people. Getting back on track now!

the new kid

There are characters! *cheers* I like characters with names. 😀 She said this one may become a book.

*wiggles eyebrows*

Maybe. Hopefully. Who knows these days. 

“Is he… autistic?” Annie asks me, shoulders slightly hunched as we stare through the glass at the tall and lanky guy on the other side, loudly talking about bread and jam. It’s not nice to stare, we know that. But when you’ve been where we are, it’s almost second nature.

Annie! “Me!” Woo-hoo. Characters. I like how Jo described them. “Slightly hunched,” it’s good. And “tall and lanky,” and more throughout the story.

This “new kid” says he has a girlfriend. “Me” is the only one in the room. *hides* So, here we are. Awkward.

Just a lil’ bit.

Anyway, this happens after the “teacher” says that it’s not appropriate to him. And is sympathetic to whoever “me” is.

I remember those wild eyes and I feel for him. Just a little. My hand never leaves my weapon.

He’s just a new kid. Just like we all were.

They’ll help him in time.

Or they’ll break him. In time.

Whichever comes first.

The “maybe” needs to be done. I need a story.

I need to know.

Preferably sooner rather than later. *shrugs* No pressure though.

Or maybe there is.

Maybe. Okay, I’m kidding. It’s fine either way, but seriously, this was good.

Help or break? Or maybe it’s the breaking that will help? Ahahaha, yep, that’s it. This is how it ends. I’m going crazy over Jo’s writing. 😳

isn’t life funny

“The good Lord almighty works in different ways, child,” her grandmother declared, rocking comfortably on the rocking chair situated on the front porch. And she was used to speaking truth.

Her granddaughter scoffed. “Maybe in your life, Nana, but not in mine.” She fingered her muddied shoelaces. Never in mine.

Nana’s eyes narrowed. “You fixing me for a liar?”

Firstly, this is how the story starts. Woah. 

What a way to open.

And I love this grandmother already! And now I need a rocking chair. Don’t tell anybody but my chair isn’t a rocking chair and I’m rocking it back and forth now. (It’s a bad habit). Haha. 😛

“Listening to Hamilton too much, are we?”

“Sugar, who doesn’t? Though I do despise his ability to do exactly what he’s not supposed to. His poor Eliza…”

And yes. Who doesn’t like good ol’ Hamilton? I only know one song and I love it.

For all the people who just screamed: it’s gonna be okay. I will fix it shortly.

We skip six years. Six. Years. Woah. Again. And lots has changed.

But then, maybe she would wake up to the Lord almighty actually working in her life. Just maybe. Boy, He sure had different ways, just like her nana had said.

Just like her nana had said…

Just you wait, just you wait.

And in the darkness, she smiled.

Well. Isn’t life funny?

I can’t find the right word for this book. So I’ll go with these:

Awesome. Amazing. A dark kind of funny. (Not a word, but who’s counting?)

The Negative Parts of Each Story:

I had the same complaint for about every story. This is going to sound silly, (slightly), there wasn’t enough. Not for the story’s sake, but for mine. So, it is a “silly” criticism. I liked them for what they were. If Jo wanted to change them into stories she would have to change a few things. However, as they are, I like them. And Jo is a very good writer who deserves praise. Overall, I would give four stars for her writing.


This was awesome! I loved it.

Every second of it.

Even the part where I was shaking Jo (over the computer, she still feels it), because these stories, or shorts, aren’t novels yet!

*claps* And you, hopefully, read them. These stories are worth it.

Now. Now I must go write. And I will now not like my writing for a few days, thanks for that, Jo. 😉

I hope you liked these reviews! I will probably do a different style for each. These were short so I didn’t do “star ratings.” But, who knows what I will have in the future.

If you have a story you want reviewed let me know! I take free copies, cash, or a free hug. (Kidding on the hugs, but that would be awesome!)

I also can advertise on Pinterest, my blog for a certain number of days, and tell people about it. ❤

Anyway, goodbye fellow bloggers and readers of many blogs! *curtain closes*



By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

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this was a great review, ariana. and jo is one of my fav writers… she’s SO good!!!! also, as well as story reviews would you be interested in doing poetry reviews? just wondering

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Yes, really! It’s kind of a choice because I’m ‘new.’
I will charge you a certain amount, depending on the amount needed to be reviewed. Or, if it’s published I would want a free copy. Can you contact me through the contact page? Maybe we can work something out.


hmm, i can’t get the contact form to load. by published do you mean released online or actually published, like by a company and editor and stuff like that and for sale? unfortunately, i’m not entirely sure if this would work out, payment-wise bc of where i live sadly. you should have my email automatically bc i’ve commented. it should be in your emails in my comment deets. i’m sorry i’m making things so complicated

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