Commenting Challenge

The Best Commenter Challenge: Results!


It is time! The contest ended the 5th. And now it’s time for the results you’ve been waiting for!

Copy of My Comment Contest!

Most of you know the results. However, just a quick recap.

You had from September 12-October 5th to make the most comments on any post in September. They could be paragraphs or super short. And there is now going to be one winner. The prize is a graphic with the person’s name on it.

Firstly, (and secondly for that matter), two honorable mentions! Electic Contrarian and Rosy Marr has the 2nd and 3rd highest scores. Electic Contrarian had 52 and Rosy Marr had 51.

Now, for the 1st place winner with 193 comments.

I can’t wait to share with you the person that won. And might I say, by a landslide. She was extremely dedicated. She was also extremely funny. You may want to take some time to read some, (if you have the time, I can add).

(Yes, yes I am stalling). But, isn’t that what makes blogging so fun? I can have fun with you. You can scroll down. But I wouldn’t want to recommend that. You will risk my wrath!

No, I’m just kidding. But seriously, I’m done stalling. Here we go…

The Best Commenter Challenge Winner_ Mercy Austin.png

Great job, Mercy Austin! You were a wonderful, wonderful commenter. ❤ I’m very happy about the results of the commenting challenge.

I hope you all enjoyed it. ;D I sure did!

That’s it for the challenges and contests of October. And November, for that matter.

Thanks all for reading!


By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

28 replies on “The Best Commenter Challenge: Results!”

I must say, Mercy, that your comments were positively hilarious. I will, for the sake of not seeming ungrateful for your generous hilarity, give myself up for thine maidservant and serve you whatever you relish, whenever you want. In addition, all of the universe will recognize you for your throne of comments- that is, anyone, be it aliens or moondust, that is left in the universe, because you have disintegrated the human population. Except me, because you knew I would serve you if you won.
What do you wish for, O Mercy of the Exceedingly Magnificent Throne of Comments?

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Let the records hereby show that I hath accepted thine comments with deepest glee at thy glorification. I grant you the greatest honor of letting you stand by my side while I wholly and totally disintegrate everyone else.

(I’m looking at you, Ari.)

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Also THANK YOU for the incredible pleasure of opening my email to 95 new messages, all of which began with “M Kenechi liked your comment…”. Unbelievable that someone actually READ THROUGH all of them, which means you must have an incredible talent for putting up with utter craziness and complete lack of common sense. For this I do applaud you. *claps thunderously*

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Thank you! And not to be not picky, but it’s actually Mercy Austin. Mercy Watson is a pig who likes hot toast with a great deal of butter on it.

(And yes, this has been another obscure book reference from Mercy Austin.)

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