Story Tournament: Round 3


Welcome to Round Three! I would like to congratulate everyone who made it thus far. You all are incredible writers and it is our joy to be hosting the contest.  (I also apologize for being a day late- it’s been hectic lately.)

This is the semifinal round, which means that all four of the contestants will go onto another round.  The winners will go onto the final, championship rounds, and the other two will go onto the ‘bronze round’ where they’ll compete for third place.

Ariana's Archives_ Story Tournament!

The link to submit your stories is here.

Pair 1:  Havah vs.  Jewel
Prompt:  Forever and a day
Winner: Havah

Pair 2:  Julie vs.  Kenechi
Prompt:  Places to belong

You have two weeks (until the 26th of August), to get your stories in and submitted for judging. If you do not get your stories in the first person on the waiting list will be added.

The bracket is like this now: Go to this link to see it in full.

Let the third round commence! Good luck to all.


19 thoughts on “Story Tournament: Round 3”

    1. Awesome! Ari’s gone right now so she won’t be able to do it immediately, but I’ll remind her about it when she gets back.

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    1. We really are! And you’re right- EVERY story was wonderful, so picking just one in some circumstances was neigh impossible. Don’t stop writing, guys!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you won because Isabel forfeited the round. Your story, I assure you, was excellent, so I have no qualms with putting you into this next part of the contest.

      Liked by 1 person

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