Story Tournament: Further Updates and Information Regarding Deadlines

Up to this point, we have tried to give each Story Tournament participant one week to complete their story. Unfortunately, it’s come to our attention that very few people have been able to do so within the time restrictions. Because of this, we are extending the deadline for each of the rounds from now on to two weeks.

If you are enrolled in this current round and have not submitted your story, then you have one more week to do so. Your deadline is the 11th.

We hope you’ll forgive the confusion around this subject. This is our first time hosting a story tournament, and has undoubtedly led to much trial and error. We hope there’ll be no more hitches from now on.

Here is the tournament participants as they stand:

Bold names: People who have submitted their stories.
Blank spaces: Empty spots- need to be filled.
Italicized names: People who have not submitted their stories.

The winner has been placed beneath the pairs that have both submitted.

Pair 1:  Havah vs.  Mia
Prompt:  Rivalry
Winner: Havah
(However, this was only by ONE point, so congratulations to you both!)

Pair 2:  Jewel vs.  Isabel
Prompt:  Twisting backward

Pair 3: John vs.  Julie
Prompt:  Excuses
Winner: Julie

Pair 4:Β  Kenechi vs. Kaelyn
Prompt:Β  64%
Winner: Kenechi

We ask that those with italicized names contact us IMMEDIATELY via comments or email us at If you cannot submit for any reason, we want to know as soon as possible so that we can find someone to replace you. Please note that Ariana is not available at the moment and no emails sent to will be received.

Once again, the link to reading the stories is here. We will publish the stories on this link only when both partners have submitted.

We offer our sincerest apologies for the confusion and hope that the tournament goes smoothly from here on out. Good luck to every participant, and once again, congratulations!

23 replies on “Story Tournament: Further Updates and Information Regarding Deadlines”

No, we didn’t. Did you submit it to the form or did you email it in? As I said in the post, Ariana won’t be getting any emails.

Keep me posted if there’s a glitch or the form isn’t working. So sorry for the trouble.

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Hey Jewel!

I see your story now. I’m sorry for the slip-up on my part; usually it sends me an email with every response but that didn’t happen this time. You’re good! I’ll update the post.

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I had planned on submitting mine today, but with extended deadline I can polish it a little more. πŸ™‚ No worries about the confusion, I’m sure everyone understands, including me. πŸ˜€ ❀


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