My Weekly Challenges!

Hello There

Another wonderful week has passed. I’m sorry for not posting Friday, I was at a survival-day-camp; and thus, did not have time! But, I will make up for it (hopefully).


Results from Last Week:

Practice more photography! ✅ I did, and it was nature photography. Summer is a great time to practice. Read more! ✅ I started a self-help book Mom wanted me to read. I also read Titus! That will probably be my next epistle for July. Jude, for June, is coming soon, by the way!

My Challenges

1) Practice Self-Confidence Daily

I’m not sure how this is going to work, but it’s worth a try!

What are your weekly goals? 😀


By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

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