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And so the 2nd Wednesday in June arrives. 🙂 Yipee!


1 Peter 4:8: “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

Love doesn’t stop at one sin. Or two. Or a few. But a multitude, and it doesn’t stop there. It “covers” those sins. I’ve seen the love that dies. I’ve seen the love that lasts. I’ve felt a little bit of both to certain people if I’m being honest.

What kind of love do you have? Let’s do a week love challenge. Do your best to love that person that sometimes…they just get on your nerves! Love someone you thought you couldn’t love. And most importantly, love God. And love Him more than anything.



25 thoughts on “BVW!”

  1. Beautiful words.

    Can you love the unloveable? More than just saying “yes”’, can you act on it?

    I’m tough to love and find it difficult to love tough people.


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    1. Tough people can be very much loved. I love everyone. It’s a matter of how much I want to be around them. People can be a threat, an endangerment, but you can still love them from a distance for personal safety. If a person is just mean there is a time for “too many strikes” if you are not connected to them or can be separated. The goal is not to hurt you but to help them.


      1. Ok, what if you are the one that someone’s says you are out of strikes?

        When I read about love, in its original text aka the Bible Love has no bounds, It keeps no records of wrong. See 1Corinthians 13:5. I do agree about personal safety, but also emotional security. Unfortunately there are times when people receive Grace and you may not want to extend it, but sometimes that is not our call. If we are to live as Yeshua. I know there’s a balance, but keep in mind that God gave his only son that son that who soever perish shall have ever lasting life, in other words we are all worthy of Pershing b/c of our sin, but b/c of his sacrifice we can live. Now if that is the example in the Bible’s shouldn’t we follow it?

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        1. We should always follow what the Bible says. Sir, you’re saying “love” knows no bounds-I never said otherwise. I am saying being around that person, thus being affected by them, (also biblical).
          I believe in sacrifice. I do. But there is a (fine) line between self-sacrifice for one you love and sacrifice to a detrimental state. It depends on the person, situation, and how you are connected to them. If you are a person who has gone to the “too many strike zone” I can almost guarantee you, (that is the person is a Christian), they are praying for you and they still love you.


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