The Animal Award!

Hello There

Raegan tagged me for this awesome award. Thanks!! ❤


Rules                                                                                                                                                        1. Thank the person who nominated you!

2. Nominate at least three or more bloggers!

3. Tell the person that you nominated them!   

4. Come up with fun animal questions!

5. Get up and pet your animal! (if you have one)

Her Questions, My Answers:

Do you have a pet? And what kind is it?

I do not have a pet. I have had dogs before, but they are not ours anymore or are dead. 😦 I do love dogs, though, and I want one.

If you could have any animal in the world what would you have?

In the world? That’s a very interesting question. My first answer is a dog because they are loyal and a good companion. And I know many things about dogs. However, if I could have any pet…I wouldn’t know because I think a lot of the animals I love should be in the wild. To be observed and not kept.

What is your favorite animal?

Tigers are my favorite animal. Tigers are also my spirit animal. As far as water creatures, bottle-nose dolphins are my favorite. I’ve heard some amazing stories about them.

What is your favorite type of wild animal?

See the answer above. Haha. I do really love tigers; they are ferocious, protective, their roars are super cool, and I love stripes on animals. On other things, not as much, but I do love them.

What’s the weirdest animal you have ever seen?

Oooh, let’s see. I’m not sure, to be honest, I don’t know of lots of “weird” species. Sea creatures tend to be weird. Male sea-horses can have children, etc. Yet, that’s not their looks. I will have to do some research.

My Nominees:




My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite non-domesticated animal? (Land and Sea).
  2. What is one animal you were afraid of as a child?
  3. Which are you more afraid of: snakes or big cats?
  4. How many pets have you ever had?

Thanks again, Raegan, for nominating me! This was a fun post. Have fun to my nominees!




By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

15 replies on “The Animal Award!”

Ohh this is so unique! This morning my sister woke me up early (yesterday was her last day of school) and was like, “hey Christina wanna go to the zoo”
We went for a couple hours it was fun. We saw plenty of tigers 😍

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