What Christians Must Look Like

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I want to talk about what Christians must look like from a non-Christians view.

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Outside of America, the Muslim people think that all people in America are Christians. Think about that. Everything bad they see on TV (and we all know there is some horrible stuff on there) is what they think of Christians. Why do Muslims (for example) think that all Americans are Christian? Their personal custom is whoever is born there is Muslim, it’s on their birth certificate! So, why would it be different in America? (At least in their minds). Crazy, right? That’s not a good example. Did anyone else think of some really bad shows that Muslims may see and think “Christians?” I did. And I wasn’t happy with my results.

In America, we have non-Christians that are ridiculed for their beliefs. Non-believers think we’re hypocrites, God is cruel (maybe something bad happened in their life), or Christians are judgemental; in some cases, I’ve met some not-so-Christian-Christians.

Do not base a whole religion/nation on one person or even several. 

That’s the lesson. But, this isn’t about non-believers being to “blame” for judging Christians. Nope. The lesson is for Christians to be better because obviously, we’re doing something wrong. We can’t help what Muslims think overseas but we can be less judgemental and more set-apart but truly kind, gracious, merciful, and believe in God’s truth, not this whole personal truth that is circulating these days.

What are we doing wrong?

I think Christian movies depict this. Let’s go through them one by one.

1) Judgment

Christian movies typically depict a horrible (something) that happened. You have the leads struggling and then there is another “Christian” that judges them or says “Are you sure this isn’t your fault?” or “What did you do?” And that type of Christian, sadly, is what non-believers see sometimes. In Job, this happened to him by his very close friends. Crazy, right? Why can’t we be less judgemental? That would be awesome. I, personally, think it’s good some Christian films have these types of characters because it shows the truth of some Christians’. This happened in Miracles from Heaven, which is a fantastic movie.

2) The Idea That Something Had to Happen for a Non-Christian to be a Non-Christian

Here’s the thing. For a non-believer to be a non-believer doesn’t mean some tragedy happened. Now, that is the case many times, true. However, sometimes people just have beeliefs because it was how they were raised or their personal experience with Christians, (go to number one for further details on what I mean), etc. I personally don’t like it when I am making a point and someone says “Somebody must have told you that that was right/wrong…” or something like that; no, I may believe it on my own or from something else entirely.


It’s not always our job to help someone. Sometimes they just need someone, not their beliefs. 

People that constantly push others are not a good example of any religion, state, family, or anything else that you can think of. Occasionally, boys/girls prefer a compassionate friend; not a person that is constantly trying to change you. Have you ever said “just let me breathe,” or “just hear me out,” or “just let me vent” if so, you’re probably either focused too much on the negative, (and what made you say that (the previous comment) is right. Or, you are dealing with a pushy person.


Sometimes pushing someone is the right thing to do. You can’t let your friends stay in a hole for forever for the sake of their feelings. There is a difference between pushing someone and being overly pushy. Sometimes that’s exactly what we need. I have been “pushed” by some people in my life to do something that I need to do, (whether it be small or big), and I appreciate that (at least after the fact).

As Christians, we represent not only ourselves/families but God. Do you think that God would be happy with what we have done so far as Christians?

And of course, not all Christians are guilty of this. Just a note to y’all. 

Discussion Post AFL

If you are a Christian or not doesn’t matter.

What do you think of the Christian’s job of representing their faith? Or anyone’s faith (any religion) for that matter? How do you try and represent your beliefs well?



By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

19 replies on “What Christians Must Look Like”

So many hypocrites and it’s sad. Thank goodness for true Christians who honor Him with everything! I have Muslim and gay friends who reached out to be friends with me despite my Christianity, and they know I’m always here for them. I truly love them as friends and whether or not they ever accept Jesus (which I hope they do!), I think it’s so important to keep loving them as Jesus loves us. Love is so powerful. Great discussion post, Ariana!

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It is saddening. Yes, I am thankful for them. ❤ That's super awesome, Madison. I know some atheists. 😀 Thanks so much, Madison Grace! It means a lot. I think the topic is very prevalent in today's culture.

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I really like your “being pushy” part. Sometimes God wants us to talk to someone just for someone else to talk to them. You may be the first person or the sixteenth person to say something to them. As my daddy has taught me and our church, God will never put you in a plan that will not finish. Either it is you who finishes it or you are one part in the plan to finish it. No matter what, it is going to get finished. I also find it sad the Christians say they are Christians but act no better than everyone else. We have one lady in our church, though she hasn’t come in a while because she is fighting cancer, we can call her to ask how she’s doing but she’ll turn it around and ask how we are doing. She’s one of those Christians that if you want a prayer warrior, she’s your Christian.

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This is why I’m so incredibly impressed with you. A very accurate post!

We tend to approach people with our minds rather than our hearts. This is where judgment and wrong things happen. If we’re seeking God for His wisdom, knowledge and understanding and we’re striving to be a servant of His, we will have His Word in our hearts. And when we approach people, chances are it won’t be by coincidence. And with His Word and grace will be in our hearts and we’re going to be much more productive in our witness than rushing at someone headstrong.

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Thank you thank you thank you! Finally, a Christian acknowledges the fact that non-Christians exist and should be treated better. As I person who lived in a different country before, when you don’t live in the US you think all Americans are Christians because most Americans in mainstream culture are Christians. I lived in Israel, a mostly Jewish country, and it was very American for characters to celebrate Christmas in American movies or TV shows. I also think that in many other countries a large percentage of the people are all of a certain race or religion and it’s hard for them to understand how diverse the US is, because where they live 95% of the people practice a certain religion. That’s not something only non-Americans think about Americans – most people think that everyone in Israel is Jewish, but there ae quite a lot Muslims and Christians. And I thought all people in Iran were Muslim but after I read Darius the Great is Not Okay I learned that there are a lot of religions other than Christianity that are practiced in Iran.
I would like to say that Atheists and Agnostics don’t hate god, we just don’t believe he exists. I do agree with what you said about being pushy. Being a good friend sometimes means listening to your friend complain and hugging them, and sometimes it means pushing them and giving them advice so they will do something that will make them happier. I never really thought about the issue of Christians being judgemental toward other Christians but Christians are often judgemental toward non-Christians, especially ones who converted, especially ones whose religion is very different from Christianity. Sometimes they don’t even realize that. My friend said once “Christianity is the only religion because The Bible says that there is heaven and hell,” which is a very weird statement. They meant that Christianity is the true religion because The Bible is the only holy book that actually happened. Later in the conversation, I understood that this was propaganda from their church speaking. Everybody else at the table was AGnostic or Atheist. My friend didn’t know we were Atheists but it was very rude and judgemental just to say something like that. This comment was very long so now I will just shut up and publish it.

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Haha, I love long comments. ❤ And you're very welcome! I'm sorry you haven't had the best experiences with Christians or "propaganda" from church. While I do believe that Christianity is the only way, I do believe that other religions are worth talking about because they are a part of history! I love studying religions and debating, honestly. And sometimes judgmental people are meaning to be nice, that is true, it sometimes just comes out wrong. And Christians are judgemental to each other. Haha. I didn't know you lived out of the country! I want to go to Israel. Really bad. And thanks for backing that info up, that's super interesting. I appreciate your perspective. 🙂

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Thank you! I actually don’t live in Israel right now, I moved to the US when I was 11 (I am currently 14). It’s a great country to travel to but I don’t think I will ever want to live there again. Most people in my family want to stay in the US for now but I am pretty sure I never want to leave for multiple reasons. I am actually going to Israel to visit family and friends as well as renew our family’s visas in a few weeks, right when school ends.
I find it more annoying when people are trying to be helpful or nice and they are being judgemental than when they come up to you and say something that is straight up judgemental and rude. It’s so much easier to deal with someone calling you a freak than someone suggesting you go to therapy because there is something wrong with you.

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You’re welcome! Oh, gotcha. That’s super cool!! I do get not wanting to move across country again.
Yeah, I get that. I’ve dealt with the whole judgement and stuff, too. Especially when you’re trying to be open and then you realize you probably shouldn’t have been open to them.

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