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*Surprise* Blog Party!

Hey, gals!

I am hosting a blog party because it’s been a while, (July 2018 to be specific), so I am going to host another one!!


  1. Introduce yourself and your blog. 
  2. Look at other people’s blogs and maybe trade buttons/follow each other!
  3. Have fun.
  4. Be nice. 

Yay! 🙂 Have fun! 

See ya in the comments!



104 thoughts on “*Surprise* Blog Party!”

      1. Hey Jessie! I followed you back! I saw some of your posts and I’m really excited to connect with you better! Thanks for your follow!!! ❤❤

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  1. Hey! I’m Diamond, and my blog is mainly about stuffed animals. I also post about writing, photography, traveling, and food. I try to make my blog to where it has something for everyone. My favorite posts are my photostories, but I have a secret summer project coming up which I’m really excited about. I also have a surprise coming up tomorrow, so feel free to check my blog out!

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    1. Nice meeting you joy! I enjoyed reading the intro on your blog and the encouragement section! You shared a few of my most favorite verses! Followed you here on WordPress 🙂 I’d love for you to swing by and check out my blog sometime whenever you get the chance !! XOXOXO!

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  2. hey hey people!! Thanks For Hosting this party Ari! My name is Mary and I have a couple of blogs. I love horses, blogging, and of coarse, Daydreaming!
    Middle Mary; Is a blog where you’ll be for hours!!! At my blog you can find Photograghy, Chickens, Spirit( he’s my soon to be mascot) and of course, Me!!
    Forever AG; Is my doll blog! you can find many a’ things to read such as, Amy with the pandas, Day of fetch with coconut, and this or that! Hope to see you there!
    Just Around the Corner; A collab Blog! You can join right now! You’ll find giveaways, contests, DIYS, Jokes, story’s, How too’s, and much much more!

    Hope to meet you soon!

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  3. Hey Ariana!!
    Thanks for hosting this blog party! I love blog parties and the opportunities I get to embrace new blog buddies!!

    Introducing myself – My name is Jessica! I run a blog over at that thrives on self love, self care, empowering and encouraging other people!! I would LOVE to connect with some new bloggers here in this love atmosphere!! XOXO!

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  4. Thank you Ariana for hosting this! 🙂
    Hello! My name is Noah, and I am a Christian, humorous, pickle loving, 14 year old. I enjoy writing, photography, acting, interior design, cooking, and more!
    I have two blogs:
    Noah’s Blog – faith, hobbies, diy, food, and more
    Cre8ive Interiors – my blog all about interior design
    I hope to see you at my blog! Have a good day everyone! 🙂

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  5. My name is Ezra and this my blog if you guys want to check it out, it’s a blog about genealogy. Also I really want you to check out my brand new business @ This was a really good ides to do and I really want to check out everybody’s blogs!

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  6. Hi! I’m Meredith, the teenage girl behind the Artsy Arrow (aka – my creative outlet). I share my writing and art as well as book reviews, lifestyle articles, and more! My goal for my blog is to inspire and uplift others while serving God, my creator. If you wanna check me out, I’m at 😄

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  7. Hey lovelies 💕 What an awesome idea! 💗 I’m a mental health blogger and blog about struggling with anxiety. I would love to make this world a better world to live in where we can be sensitive, vulnerable, honest and real with each other. I think that would make a difference ✨. I also have other themes on my blog such as lifestyle, poetry, feminism, self love, books, hauls, singing covers, photography and travelling. I’m happy to meet new people.

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