Some of the Best Movies Ever!

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Yep, it’s that time. I am giving you the best movies (in my opinion)!


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Name: War Room

Date Released: 2015

Plot: It’s a drama and it’s funny, plus it’s Christian, (is there anything better?) The lead woman is a real estate agent and she is trying to sell this woman’s house, this woman becomes her mentor through a hard marriage. Elizabeth, the main woman, Priscilla Shirer, has a wonderful daughter and together they heal-as well as Tony, Elizabeth’s husband. It’s a wonderful story, the older lady has many good pieces of wisdom from her years of experience and man, she is funny! Highly recommended. 


Name: The Greatest Showman

Date Released: 2018

Plot: The greatest showman didn’t start at the top, but the very bottom. Through his hard life he learns-a lot-and soon starts a circus after he is married to a childhood friend who was privileged as a child. They have two wonderful girls. He dreams and makes it happen, but problems arise in business vs. family and he makes mistakes, it is a story about love and following your dreams while accepting everyone. His circus includes black people (still not considered equals yet, unfortunately), people with physical “problems” such as a woman having a beard and other such things. It’s amazing.


Name: Gladiator

Date Released: 2000

Plot: Russel Crowe is the gladiator in this extrodinary film. It is “R” for violence, but it wasn’t that horribly bad in my opinion, but you may need to check depending on your age/beliefs. He is accused and his family accused, he goes from amazing Roman solider (General) to an amazing gladiator. It is a story about sacrifice and bravery, it’s another amazing tale. 


Name: The Patriot

Date Released: 2000

Plot: Mel Gibson plays a pacifist, but he, after his son dies in the war, becomes an amazing man who is a warrior. He leads men through the battlefields with clever strategies and powerful faith and courage, it’s an amazing story. 1776 was an amazing year full of brave men, and this is a story about a man who went from pacifist to warrior.


Name: Risen

Date Released: 2016

Plot: A Roman soldier is brave in battle, but when he comes back from a battle and the Jewish Messiah has risen, he goes on this amazing journey when he goes searching for this Messiah. He finds him and realizes he was wrong. One of the lines is ‘If you are real’ (him talking to God) ‘I will host games in your honor…’ and you can see his ignorance but also his growing faith. An amazing story with some violence that some may find grotesque and they may not want to watch it because of that, it is the same with The Patriot and Gladiator.


Ta-da! I hope you liked this post, I sure did!! These are just a few of my favorite movies. 


What are some of your favorite movies?



By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

22 replies on “Some of the Best Movies Ever!”

OOH! Yes!! Isn’t war room awesome? And, YAY! The Greatest Showman is one of my favorites. Have you ever seen “Courageous”? (By the same people who did “War Room”)
Ooh, we like Gladiator, too.
Have a great day!

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