{Discussion} GreAteSt FeArS:


I just did the title like that because I wanted to.


…No, I’m joking.

But seriously, what are they, what are your greatest fears? For me, I don’t like the iea of being alone and in complete darkness as I realize that all whom I loved have left me and I am no one.




Body and Soul.

What are your greatest fears?

Comment below, comment on others fears, get to know each other-I really want to know and I can’t wait to see.

**If you have any fears that are kind of or completely happening right now I would love to pray for you or your insecurities! Love y’all!**

Answer below, don’t forget!!



By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

41 replies on “{Discussion} GreAteSt FeArS:”

My greatest fear is vomit. In general. I’m deathly afraid of me throwing up (which I haven’t in 9 years and I’m almost 12) and even more of other people doing it. I can’t get over it. I think I might have emetophobia (the phobia of vomit.)
I’m also pretty scared of losing my family.

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Oh! SAME! I hate it SO much. Every time I feel slightly nauseous the fear creeps in. I haven’t in 9 years, either! Weird.

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Two of my greatest fears are rejection and failure, and now that I think about it, they sort of go hand in hand?? Another fear of mine is being forever alone, but in the end, when it comes to fears we just have to trust that God is in control. ❀

I learned a pretty good acronym for fear is a class of mine, it is:

F alse
E vidence
A ppears
R eal

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Oh, I feel ya there! I hate the idea of failing and whenever I make a mistake (most of the time) I feel like a failure. True! Nice acronym, thanks for sharing!


I’m really scared of sleeping over without my parents – my mind just takes me to a place where I think something bad has happened to them. This year I have to go on a four night camp – it’s from 18th to 22nd Feb. I would really appreciate you praying for me. I’ve never had a sleepover before 2018 even. Thanks Ari πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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It’s hard to put into words what my greatest fears are. I always get afraid when I don’t know what’s going on in a situation and I’m really lost and confused. It stresses me out a lot and I find it hard to deal with, especially if I have overwhelming emotions on top of that.

I also get scared of not doing enough. I worry that I’m not making the most of things or doing enough to help others.

These don’t make much sense, I guess, they’re just feelings I get. It’s weird, I’m not scared of spiders or water or fire or the dark or heights or doing crazy, dangerous things, in fact most of the time I like those, but I’m terrified of doing the wrong thing, saying the wrong thing, of…not knowing…

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I totally understand that, Gracie. The feeling of not doing enough has been on my shoulders…a lot, during my life. I hate the idea of not knowing, too. And don’t say that, it does make sense, (trust me), and thank you so being so open. I will pray for you. ❀

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I love the idea of a disscussion, Ari! Great idea πŸ™‚

My greatest fears are the end of the world, snakes, sharks, being alone, being laughed at, being excluded, fire, drowning, and no one liking me.

xD so that was hard to share for some reason…


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Well I’m scared of sickness (like I commented just before!) Maybe some things like loosing family/friends, etc. I also have little things that I’m worried about, but not really scared about, like math (hoping that I do well, kind of, or worrying that I will not do perfect) Great [post!

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My greatest fear is definitely hiking up a tall mountain. I went hiking for 7 miles up a mountain one time and I didn’t even reach the peek but I couldn’t because was so out of breath and it was really high and there was barely any oxygen in the air. Plus it took like 5 hours and I had skipped breakfast and lunch so I was dying of starvation and low oxygen. When I got back I was about to get a nice piece of ham and then I threw up. So I haven’t hiked up a mountain ever since. Btw that was like 3 years ago and my family loves hiking. But now I never go with them. πŸ˜›

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