Popularity & Making Real Friends:


Ever want to be popular? Be cool? Be the kid that knows everyone?

Being popular is overrated. For. Sure.

What’s the point?ย 

Well…everyone wants to be liked! And that’s fine, it is nice to be liked and for people to want to be around you-but not the wrong reasons.ย 

If they want to be around you for your…

  • Money
  • Popularity (wait, what?)
  • What you can do for them…

It’s probably not good. You may be confused by Point #2, isn’t them being around you what makes you popular? Possibly. Some may see you are popular, for whatever reason, and then want to be around you so they can get popular, they say your their BFF but then ditch you later; and let’s be honest, it hurts really bad when a friend leaves you.

How can you keep this from happening?

Well, you can choose your friends carefully. In the Bible Jesus says we will be able to tell people by their fruit.ย 

Here are some questions you can ask…

How do they treat their teachers? (‘Yeah’ or ‘Yes ma’am’)

How do they treat the “nerds” or the “loners”? (With disgust/teasing or a smile?)

How do they treat the elderly? (This may overlap with teachers).

What kind of things do they wear? (This may seem like a weird one but sometimes you can tell about self-respect by what they wear, do they look like a goth queen? Might not be good.ย But do not judge them if they aren’t as rich as you and might not wear the latest stuff, that’s wrong, too.)

What do they like? (For example: do they study? Or would they rather good around and make jokes in class?)

They need to be respectful, loving, and loyal. A friend being funny is a huge bonus! I love funny people, who doesn’t?ย 

If You Struggle Making Any Friends-Good or Bad…

Sometimes people just struggle to make friends, and that’s alright. My sister struggles, she’s an introvert, but she is still fun, smart, pretty, and she’s a great person-but socially…that’s not her forte. I am a social butterfly, I love people. But, I can still help people who struggle to make friends because of a couple reasons…

I have a sister who struggles to make friends.

I know what I look for in a friend.

I know what my friends say are my attributes that made them like me right off or after a while. (This includes loyalty, kindness, Christian behavior…)

So, that doesn’t mean I can’t help you.ย 

Tip #1:


Be the best you you can be. Be respectful/kind/generous/ and other things like that. Take the Bible and see what it says about being a good friend, it will help!

Tip #2:


Smile. A lot of the time teens are “afraid” to go up to people because that person never smiles, so smile, be happy! A smile is very inviting and sometimes that’s all it takes.

Tip #3:


Take one moment in your public school hallway, (if that’s where you go to school), or at a home-school convention or a friend’s party, (hey, there you know you already have something in common with that person, they like your friend who is their friend!) Introduce yourself. (Note: Having a firm handshake always makes me happy, and it’s the same for a lot of people, it’s good to have a firm solid handshake).ย 

Tip #4:


Be yourself! Nobody likes a person who is fake, if they don’t accept you, you don’t need them as a friend and you know you just saved yourself from a relationship of pain.

As the Genie would say…


Thank you directors/producers of Aladdin and Robin Williams. Haha! (It’s true!)

When Your Friends Make Fun of Your Other Friends (o.o) What To Do:

*Freak out* Your friend just made fun of your other friend, and it wasn’t the cute teasing, it was super mean and downgrading. Part of what makes a person a good friend is loyalty,ย so defend your friend. It depends on what all they said to what all you say in defense, don’t go crazy, just be calm and graceful-(be the better woman)-and if you need to cut off with the friend that made fun of your other friend, that’s fine, hopefully it’s not that serious and they will mature, it all depends on what they said/how they said it.

I think that’s it, I hope this advice was helpful and reassuring! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great day and thanks for reading.


Did I miss anything? Put it in the comments and I will make a Part #2!



By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

10 replies on “Popularity & Making Real Friends:”

This is a great post, Ariana! If you have to change how you are to be popular, than you shouldn’t do it. Be who God made you to be because you’re unique. He didn’t make you to be like everyone else. He made you to be you!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I don’t struggle to make friends, I just struggle to keep in touch with them. Like, it’s kind of awkward asking the singer of my band for her phone number or email, especially if I don’t even know that we’re friends.

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