Updates! X-Rays, School, New Habits, Ideas, Something I Bought, & Going Out On A Limb…

Wow, long title, right?

Writing Try…Green


Sorry, I’ve been gone!

Duh, Ari, they know that!

What can I say? I got busy…and life got in the way, I MISSED YOU!


I’m really sorry I’ve been gone, I got busy with school, (what can I say? Chemistry is very hard.)-and I hope you still love me. <33 Lol.

Anyway….let’s talk!

I got x-rays for my knees! We really don’t like the Dr. (sorry to families that have Doctor’s in them, I am sure there are a few good ones out there), but the ones we have dealt with are trying to pump you full of drugs), so, going to the Dr. was a sign-my knees are bad. You see…they crack every time I bend over/squat, (mostly in exercising), and they pop from time to time, they also hurt-a lot-and sometimes it’s sort of hard to walk, so we went; nothing is wrong with them, (the one time we go, haha), but I am going to be careful with them, just to be sure, and maybe exercising/eating healthier will help!

School is great. I love school, but Chemistry is really hard so I devote a lot of my time to learning and trying to understand my Chemistry homework. My Chemistry teacher is trying to help me, and my Mom reminds me to study and try even harder, and she keeps me in line as far as other stuff goes.

I, for the past week or so, have been making new habits. I have been waking up early, washing/moisturizing my face, and fixing my hair. My Mom, (actually today), just got me a three step process to do morning and night for my type of skin-that being the oily teenager kind-and I just used it for the time. *Thank you, Momma!* I wake up around 6:20 every morning, (on Mon./Wed. my first class is at 7, and on Tues./Thurs. it is 8:40, so it depends on the day). I also have been keeping my room cleaner, reading more, and trying to think more positively.

I bought a planner for 2019 on Etsy! I absolutely love it. If you want to look at planners and other stuff, this is the shop owner’s page on Etsy, check it out here. I have been planning for the new year and filling out my pages, I have decided I am going to have a reading list like this past summer; but, I am not going to put the date sin which I read it on, that was too much pressure.

I also made another website! *gasp* 

I know, weird, right? 

I tried to make a shop on Etsy but you have to be 18-years-old, so I made my own site. Check it out HERE. ❤ Also, I’m so sorry, but I am not ready to accept payments yet, I am still figuring it out. I called it LilMissCrafterCo. 

Also…I want a new laptop, for the past 2 months I have been using my Mom’s huge computer in her room, but I want a portable laptop because it is portable, I can put earplugs in it, and sometimes Mom needs to do something at her desk and I need to be studying-we overlap. 😦 So, I have been saving money and doing odd jobs for my family, Mom is proud of me. 😀 I cleaned my Dad’s trailer from top to bottom, which is harder than it sounds, and I am going to rake my grandmother’s yard, and I cleaned every single square inch of all the baseboards in the house, (oh…my knees…). Also, after we empty the garage of all the Hope’s Closet stuff from the move, (it’s taking awhile), I am going to clean all the windows and sweep before we set up our home gym. Also, I designed my Grandmother’s new site-she is selling natural oils, but she doesn’t have her products set up, so she is working on that. 😉

I also bought this super cute bracelet that I was looking at on Amazon, I love it. Check it out HERE. You will love it, if you are a stack able-bracelet-type-of-girl.

As sitting at my desk and thinking about the new year, I’ve been excited. I am going to be scheduling a lot of posts, so if I don’t get to all your comments right away, I apologize! I am just so busy, (with midterms/studying). My midterms are on January 12th-19th, and i have been studying for them for like….2 weeks, haha! I made a google document for all my people in the class if they want to join and we are studying together, hehe. 🙂 

I also have 212 followers now-thanks for following, everyone. ❤

I guess that’s it! 🙂 Thanks for reading, and I’m glad to be back.

Oh…one more thing…

I am on Christmas/New Year’s break from December 20th-January 6th. 😀


What’s up in your world? 

Does anything like this relate to you?



By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

22 replies on “Updates! X-Rays, School, New Habits, Ideas, Something I Bought, & Going Out On A Limb…”

Hey Ari!
Don’t worry, I haven’t been blogging either. I’m sorry about your knees, my left elbow’s been acting weird. All of my friends get off on the 20th, I get off on the 21st. I had my laptop for 5-6 years and it’s been acting super laggy and it shuts off automatically, so I might need a new one. What do you want for Christmas?

~ Maelyn

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Okay, I’m not the only one! 🙂 I will pray for your elbow, that stinks. Well, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I do want a laptop-so I am working on that. And you?


I totally feel you (not your knees tho. but my mom has bad knees.) I haven’t been posting since early November I think. i HAVE to go write a post adios. Good luck with your busy life (I have a very busy life also so i feel you.) <3<3<3<3

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Missed reading your posts. So glad you’re back!

And don’t worry about not posting lately. I haven’t really been posting either. I totally understand being busy. Happens to me all the time.

Can’t wait to start reading your posts again!!

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Welcome back! I’ll be praying for your knees (and this notorious thing called midterms that I too must endure *shifty eyes*)

Trust me hon, my daddy is a Dr and I don’t even like the Dr. I much prefer my essential oils and coconut butter lololol

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