Q & A!, Your Questions!

Masters of Improv Update! + Q & A-(A Little Different Than Most)!


Masters of Improv:

No pictures so far for MOI or Madagascar Jr. sorry, girls. ❤ Lol. 

But, it is going well and I think my improv is getting better. I really like doing it with my friends, I know all of the kids there besides one and she is nice. ❤

Q & A-(A Little Different Than Most)!

So, I am going to host a Q & A, and I have done one of these before, but it is a little different this time!! 

Here is How It Works:

  • You will give me questions in the comments about biblical things, questions about verses, what I think on ___(you will say what), and questions about what should you do in a serious situation when you feel like God isn’t ____(you say what). 
  • I will gather your questions and answer them the best to my abilities, and I will really think about them. 
  • I will showcase the post on July 18, 2018, that is one week from today. 
  • The Q & A starts now. You can do as many questions as you want, but let them be YOUR questions, not ones from the internet like Bible Trivia. ❤

Let’s get started! I will have the poster on the actual post. 

Thanks, girls, and have fun! I don’t know quite what to expect, but I hope to help you, and I think this will be very awesome. Thanks!


Do you have any? Fire away!

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