Updates! (Sorry, Girls)!

Hey, everyone. I haven’t posted in three days, no, I am not on hiatus! Lol, sorry about that. I have been busy with Madagascar JR. rehearsals, Logic class, (final week), and not to mention, a bombshell, and I will tell you about it in a minute. ❤ 

Madagascar JR:

The rehearsals are going great, in fact, yesterday we finished blocking besides one song, (I’m not in that one), but, (roughly), ten people are, and they are working on that song which is called Steak. It is going to be fun!! People are going to be steak when Alex gets really hungry, its going to be awesome. Also, I have my Foosa shirt now, I told you about the brown pants but now I have a brown long-sleeve shirt and necklaces with crazy tribal patterns, (In You Design It some kids made those for The Lion King, another camp, and we are using them again, the best part is I was one of those kids)-so, I might be wearing a necklace I made! But, anyway, they are going to make the shirt more tribal-ish too, so that will be awesome. 

Masters of Improv:

It just started yesterday and it is all week from 3:30-4:30, and on Friday night the people that go to this class automatically get into “One Crazy Night!” and it is improv and pizza, but other people can get into it without doing the class! It was really fun, we acted out books in a really tiny place with improv, my team got The Hobbit, it was hilarious, I was Bilbo. When the eagle came to save us the eagle, Christopher, said ‘jump on my back’ and so I did…which took me 4 times to get up there. XD. 


Harder than ever, but truly interesting. We got to learn about 10 fallacies which I am getting better at recognizing. We are learning about truth tables and truth trees, (but I won’t go into that, don’t worry)! This is actually my last week of logic! The final is due the 20th, so that is great, more time to study for sure, so around the 18-20 especially I may be busy. 😉

What I Have Been Reading:

Now, I watched The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and my sister has read the books, but I haven’t because they were in my school reading so Mom was making me wait, but I am reading them this summer! The Hobbit is so good y’all, I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to read more of it. But, that book I have been focusing on, nothing else. 

The Big News:

I need balloons! So, we have been living with my grandmother, as most of you know. Now, we are moving, yipee!! We finally found a house, and won it after getting in a bidding war, God is so good! Anyway, we had inspection and all of that on Monday, and everything is good, but we will have to change a couple of things Mom said, (I was not there for I was in Logic class), but nothing that will cost too much money and can’t be done quickly, everything is going well. Our possible closing date is August 10th. It is a long way away, but there is paperwork to be done. 😛 Hehe!

The Plans:

Since we have been in the process of closing the house we have been to the idea of our stuff! (Which has been in storage for one year). Lots of it we don’t need at this point becuase we have lived without it, you know what I mean? Also, my room is now not my age, for example: I have this hippo and flower thing, it is 3 boxes and up and 2 boxes to the side, and the storage things are material and they have hippos on some and on others flowers, a little young. On Pinterest I have been coming up with ideas to make my room older, and I am re-designing it; with the money I can get from selling some of my stuff I am going to buy new stuff, (like a new comforter, paint, and other such things). 

Just a little input:

I am going to have pink walls. (Very light pink), I did this in my favorite house, in all our favorite house, and I loved them.

I have pink sheers, so I will use those.

I am going to get grey curtains! 

My colors are: grey, gold, and pink.

It is going to be fun! 


My Mom is all for it and loves my ideas! She told me she may give me a certain amount of money and I can’t go over that or I’m stuck, so we shall see what happens. I might have to go to estate sales or something, (I want a small desk). I also am going to get a cute corkboard and a chalkboard for my storyboards so I can write and just look up at them. 😀


Anyway, that is all!! Bye, love y’all!


Do you have any? 🙂

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