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Magagascar Jr. Rehearsals, Update!

Hello, all! ❤ *Written on July 5th* (I’m busy and wanted to write this when I could). 😀

So, as you know I got three parts in the musical Madagascar Jr. which I was super excited about. 🙂 Artsview, the place I do all of my plays, has not really released any pictures, but when they do I will give you some. (I have not checked since yesterday)! 

I am a New York City Nun, (one of my parts), and I have schoolboys, which is really fun. Right after the show we all stand up and then the boys run to this “vender,” and I basically get to yell at them, most of it was improv and the director approved, it is too much fun. After that, Marty basically dreams that we dance with him in the song Wild and Free where he dreams about being free, but since he dreams it, we actually have to do it, and it is so fun, haha, I can’t explain it, I will everyone I am talking to right now could actually see it. Also, I am a Foosa, and moving like them…haha, fun, a little hard, but fun. The choreographer, Blake, is really good, and he has done great dances. There are two “I Like to Move It, Move It!” and the reprise at the very end we get to do a conga line and try to get people to join us. Haha, this is going to be so much fun! And we go around the theater, haha, it’s going to be awesome. My sister said that she would probably do it. 

I am glad I get to do this play, the music, the choreography, the laughter, and the friends, and the teachers are so awesome to be around and it is great to sling your body this way and that in “Move it, Move it!” then crawl around like a Foosa while growling at the “scared” lemurs, which of one happens to be a really good friend of mine, it is really fun “scaring” her, haha. As a Zooguest, (which is where I am nun, but I am a nun in another scene too), I am on a field trip with the boys, and I push them along, and I absolutely love them, it works because they are in fact younger than me and we help each other at Artsview anyway. 😀 In one scene when the animals go to the train I, as a nun, have had a long day and I am getting on the subway and the penguins come right by me, and I start counting them like they are my schoolboys, then I realize that they are not boys, but penguins. I am shocked, then do that Catholic cross symbol, haha, which…that is going to be so funny. I can’t wait to see the costumes. 

Anyway, I think that is the updates from the play, I will keep you updated. Okay, I just checked the pictures, and they have not done anything, sorry girls. ❤ So, no pictures, yet!! But, I did take some, but then my camera died, so I need to charge it, but when that is done I will show them to you. 

I just wanted to update y’all, talk soon!

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