I journal a lot as of recently, but before I never did. 

I have gone through lots of journals since I started journaling. I love it, I speak about hard times, the best of times, and those funny moments, or small miracles. ❤ Godo is so good to me, to all of us, and I don’t want to forget trials I have been through that have made me stronger, but I also don’t want to forget the happy moments and those amazing trips we have been on when my sister, my Mom, and I have bonded, or where we have finished each other’s sentences so many times and played off each other so well not a lot of people besides us get it, I don’t want to forget it!!

Now, if I did not write it down I could not forget how close my Mom and my sister, Taylor, and I are, ‘but that moment on July 1st when we…’ I might forget, and that is what I am talking about. 

That’s why I journal, and then I re-read what I wrote about 6 months ago and laugh and feel like I shall cry at the same time from gladness at the amazing life I have been able to have, God is so good and I realize that even more when I read my journals or remember things like that. 

How Do I Journal?

Well, it depends on who you are and what type of writer you are. I journal about the day, or if I need to catch up with my life, about the week, because sometimes I forget to write about a certain day when something fun happened because I don’t feel like writing a lot, (it can give you a writing cramp, but whatever, haha), so you can write about life, and what I do at the introduction is something like this:

Dear Diary, (Date)

Hello, this is Ariana Evans. I have to name you, which I do to all of my diaries since I have been journaling. I shall name you ____. Oh, by the way: ___________


Then I will give facts about me like I am telling a story, you know? Like, what has happened in the last years, what plays I have done, my friends, and other such things so my diary “knows” me, I both hate and love that about myself where I tell everything about my life before I actually start journaling, haha, but you don’t have to do that. Also, you can, if you are this type, you can just write about important events in your life, which is what one of my friends does. I just do it differently. 🙂 


Do I Give My Journal A Name?

It depends on YOU. You see, I don’t really think once you are into it and you do it there is a wrong way to do journaling, not that I have seen at least. So, you do you. I always give my journal a name, actually, I think that is what helped me to start journaling, was it was more like a friend and I could imagine a body and not just a book, you know? My names have been, at least some of them: Mercy, (one I am on now), Daisy, and Lily. ❤ But, once again: no pressure. 


How Do I Start? 

  1. Buy a book/notebook or something that you can use as a journal, whatever you want, or it can be a gift. 🙂 That is what my first true journal was. ❤ 
  2. Grab a pen/pencil.
  3. Sit on the bed, lay on the floor, climb a tree.
  4. Star writing, and start how you want to start, write how you write, explain how you explain, and etc. 


What Do I Do When That Book Ends??

Well, this can be a little sad, honestly, for me it is. Haha! 

You get another book, simply; but if you name your journal you can name it the same name and act like it is the same ‘person/book’, or you can put a different name to the book. Or, if you don’t name your journal you just continue calling it ‘diary’ or ‘journal,’ unless you want to change that. 😉


~The End~

I hoped this helped you to get on the way to journaling! Talk soon, girls! ❤


Do you have any questions? 😀

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12 thoughts on “Journaling!”

  1. I love journaling!! I have six of them that I’ve used since I was 12 through my age of 19 now. It’s an incredible way of remembering wisdom you’ve learned over the years!! Great post!! 💞😊

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