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Editors Club! *Please Read, Super Important!*


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Hello, all! ❤ I have started to decide an Editors Club! 🙂 

I did this a long time ago, actually, but, I am doing it differently, and I have more of a book now. 

So, here is how it goes: 

Take this survey here to join up!
Then, I will email you ASAP and you can join.
Once you join I will put you all on the email list.
You can join in two weeks, or even later, and you can leave if you need to, no worries.
I will give you chapter(s) of my books, the same chapter to everyone in the email thread and you can do a couple things with it:
1.     You can edit the Word document and make comments on the Word document and then send it to me.

2.     (Or) you can just comment in the email thread and make tweaks.


Thank you, in advance, for the people who sign up, and if you can’t, no problem! There is no pressure to join. ❤ 😀

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8 thoughts on “Editors Club! *Please Read, Super Important!*”

        1. You’re welcome! But, I will need your email. If you don’t want it for the world to see, you can put it in the survey, I don’t share the emails except, obviously, in the email thread. 😉

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