Tell Me Something Beauitful Tag!


Rhiana from Marshmallow Harmonies tagged me!!! ❤ Thank you so much! She actually created the tag, (way to go)!!! 

Let’s get to it:


  1. thank the blogger who nominated you + leave a link to their blog (kinda obvious but still…)
  2. include the featured image (see above) in your post somewhere (just. not in a tiny corner where it’s barely visible)
  3. list; paragraph; or poetrify (is that even a word?????) at least 10 things that you find beautiful FROM THE GIVEN THEME did anyone notice how i used bold, all-caps, italics AND underlined?
  4. nominate 5-10 other bloggers + notify them
  5. set a theme for your nominations!

Hmm…interesting, I like it!

Okay! Rhiana’s Theme…


Yay, great theme, right? I love nature. ❤ 

Here Are My 10 Things:

  1. I think oak trees are very beautiful, especially when they get old because they are tall and their bark is amazing. I love to climb smaller oak trees too, or really any kind of tree. 
  2. Leaves. I think leaves are awesome because they come in all different shapes and sizes and in the fall they turn different colors, and I actually got to learn how/why in Biology last year, and that made it even cooler.
  3. Pine needles are interesting. I know that seems like an odd choice, but yes, pine needles. I  used to ‘prick’ myself with them, (not hurt myself), when I was a kid and I laughed, I love how they change colors too. 
  4. The stars are really cool. I love how they twinkle in a midnight sky…it makes me feel, I don’t know, I just love them! I also learned in science a few years back that the stars are moving, moving, and guess what? moving, so that is why they ‘twinkle,’ which made it even more fascinating. 
  5. Flowers! Oh, do I need to even explain this one? I love flowers so much, the smells, the colors, the different shapes and sizes, haha, love them! 
  6. Water, I love water. I love how it flows right off my hand. (Though I am afraid if I can’t see the bottom and deep ocean, I will get over it one day, haha), but I love it, and it can be different colors too. When we were in Europe it was SO clear, it was teal and clear, was awesome.
  7. Mountains are epic. I love to hike and I love to camp, so yeah…*drops mic* (for mountains).
  8. Sand, hehehehehehe, I love how the sand feels on my feet. I love to hear the sound of the water. We went to Costa Rica when I was nine-years-old and it was awesome!! There was this huge hill of sand and we were sliding down it trying to get up, but it was so…hum, um, how do you say it? Oh, right, it was very shifty, (that is what I will say, lol), and when my sister and I got up there we were champions. XD.
  9. Rocks! That might be a weird thing, but I love the feel of them and the shapes of them, and if you can get flat ones how you can throw them int he water just right and they skip, (though I can’t do that to save my life). Lol.
  10. (Finally)…animals. I love seeing God’s creatures roaming across the mountains. We went to Yellow Stone last year and we saw Bison, and another creature like a moose…but not a moose, I forget. XD. 

Well, that’s it! 🙂


Zella T





Your Thing Is:


Have fun!!! Thanks!

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By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

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