My Goals for 2018:

Me 1: This is soooo late, Ari.

Me 2: Pfft, they don’t mind…they know you are not perfect and have been busy…

Me 1: Uh-huh, sure they do.

Me 2: Oh shhh! You are going to make her feel bad.

Me 1: ……you have so many things to learn.

Haha, hey guys! What’s up? Well, my New Years Goals are!! Here they are:

1. I want to publish my first book: Sins of the Father.

2. I want to finish writing and have it editing and read for publishing, the book is: The Italian Thief.

3. I want to spend more time blogging on deeper issues, and crazy fun issues! (Like my baking post).

4. I want to be honest with myself more, and get to know me better.

5. I want to get to 40 followers at my blog-I am at 22. Yay!!!

6. I want to get myself more on a schedule besides school, like have designated things to do when I am not in school, and I should play outside for 30 minutes everyday for vitamins! 😉 (And to get my brain working for the books)! 📚

7. I want to get fit and eat healthy. At this point I am a little overweight, and I eat a lot of junk…😝…so I am going to fix that!

8. I want all “A’s” on my finals this year, or very high “B’s” Last year I did pretty well, except for one subject I did horrible on. 😦

Anyway, some of those can go to the end of the year, others I want by a certain month.

Like #1 and #2 I want finished by my birthday, so I can say I did it when I was 13…lol.

There you guys are. 🙂 Have a fantabulous day!


By Ariana Evans

I'm a psychology geek, a reader, a writer, photography, and a tutor. I love all these things and will continue to "live" in these areas.

10 replies on “My Goals for 2018:”

You should create an editor’s club on your blog. You make a sign-up sheet, then people can sign up to read a chapter and fine-comb it. I’ll sign up, but I can only commit to one or two chapters at a time.

(I’m talking about Sins of the Father and Italian Thief, whichever one is done)

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That is a wonderful idea, Zella! I will make a post about it…and I will get volunteers through the comments! I will do Sins of the Father, I am almost done with it, and I want it published! Thanks!

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