Shouth Dakota/Apps

South Dakota:

When I was seven my mother too me and my sister to South Dakota. It was a long car drive but totally worth it! Now, lets get to the stuff we are going to talk about…

2 Apps You can Use On The Way:

Trip Advisor: Trip Advisor has helped us a few times when we were looking for places to eat. It is a pretty good app. It has a lot of options, and it is pretty easy to use.

Roadtrippers: I love this app. It has a map, you can make your trip, and it shows you all sort of places to see, you can search sites, places to eat, hotels, etc! Then you can plan them, and then you can hit get me there, it takes you to the map and it gets you there. This made our trip to Grand Canyon spectacular.

South Dakota:

We only used Trip Advisor when we went to South Dakota…we did not have Roadtrippers then. But, anyway, if you are going I would highly recommend using those two anywhere, anytime. South Dakota was amazing! Mount Rushmore, which I would wonder about your logic if you did not go to, is amazing. There is a park, and you can watch probably a 20 minute video on how/when/who made it! (That was awesome, and very insightful). There is a souvenir shop. They have pencils, postcards, shirts, shot-glasses, I think they even had globes! (The shirts are for kids too). Black Hills, and Crazy Horse Memorial are #1 and #4 things to pop up when you search: “South Dakota sites” #2 is Mount Rushmore.  #3 is Badlands National Park, if you want to get the full experience, take it all in, and you may want to wait if you kid is very young so they can both remember it, and appreciate it! Jewel Cave National Monument is also on there. We went to a cave, and personally I love caves! The tour guide was very nice, and gave the history of the first tours in the cave, there was a souvenir shop too! That was awesome, and I think that you should go. Yellow Mounds Overlook, South Dakota Hall of Fame, and Gavins Point Dam are places to see. Gavins Point Dam you can see a picture and tell it is pretty-just saying!

Next Time…

Once again, sorry this was short. This trip, for my recommendations is over! Next time I will talk about our trips in South Carolina…and I will be recommending more than two things!! (Remember use those apps).


Ariana Evans

By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

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