On The Other Side of the Ocean:

Great Hotels:

Hello there! So, we are going to start today’s post with great hotels! Hotel Abbazia in Italy, Europe was the best hotel. The manager was very generous, and gave us teh biggest room in the hotel, he said ‘It is for five people or more, but we gave it to you because you are three!’ We were the biggest group, so he was very nice to let us stay. The breakfast was delicious, it was a big delicious breakfast, there are many good breakfast options in hotels, but this was great. The manager was once again so helpful when we needed navigation, and he was funny and very cheerful! The other staff were neat and orderly and nice. It was also very clean, which sometimes it is hard to find in Europe. I truly loved Abbazia, and when we had walked four miles or so, we were exhausted! So, we got something to eat, and we sat down and watched a movie! (There was a great TV screen). That was my favorite hotel I think in Europe. It has three stars, and I have no idea why! So, please if you go to Europe, well…particularly Venice, go to Abbazia, and see it, and see how it needs a better review!

Sites You Have to See In Italy:

There are sites that you have to see in Italy. Like you have to see the Colosseum, the history, and the architecture are amazing. The David in Florence. It was magnificent, it was huge, and so shiny! Also, the Pantheon, the Romans built it, and it is amazing. They were so ahead of their time. I do not want to spoil it, so…I will not say anything else. The Cathedrals are awesome! The detail, the height, the mass, the columns, all amazing. The Leaning Tower of Piza! (The best…) You probably know this, but, the Sistine Chapel is so wonderful I cannot even begin to explain. You have to see it. Like, you have to! The Trevi Fountain was a mans backyard basically, and now it is an amazing site to see in Italy! So, those are my top ones, so please if you go, see all of those!


It is best to take tours, I believe, in all of these areas. The history you have to know to truly take it all in, and appreciate it the most you can. Plus, you can see other sites, that I did not recommend and that we did not know about because we are not caught up on those things…but, tour guides who spent years doing it are! Gate 1 did great at that, they talked about history, they were passionate, they had great bus drivers, they took us to unfamiliar places, and made them familiar!

Places To Eat:

There are great places to eat in Italy. I forgot some places that we ate at, so sorry! Three notes I am going to give you!

  1. If they are on the side of the road giving paper menus, or beckoning you to come, do not worry! Because we had that happen once and that was on of the best meals I have ever had, (that was actually in Old City of Dubrovnik). They are just very ambitious, maybe a new place even, and maybe people do not know their potential and they need people to know!

  2. Always ask what is in the food, especially if you do not eat pork. Pasta with meat does not mean it is pork, so you can ask. Also, say if you have allergies, because some people did not ask.

  3. NEVER be afraid to try new stuff. There is so much stuff that is authentic. And it is delicious!


Next Time:

We will be talking about the states! See you soon!

By Ariana Evans

I am a Christian teenager and blogger. I very much love my family and friends. I have two online businesses on my blog. I love to write & practice my photography.

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